Abandon Ship: Democrats Unanimously Reject Obama’s Budget – Politics Informer Video

Obama’s budget did not receive a single vote in the Senate—not even from Democrats. Debt and deficits continue to mount. Is there any hope for America’s balance sheet? Find out on this Front Page with Allen Barton, Elan Journo, and Terry Jones. See more at www.pjtv.com
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25 Responses to “Abandon Ship: Democrats Unanimously Reject Obama’s Budget – Politics Informer Video”

  1. marionetemanJ says:

    Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  2. RatkoUSA says:

    Poor punch drunk Reid, his cranium is full of fluid with a shriveled walnut floating in it.

  3. TheOropherfelegund says:

    Youtube is completely plastered with obama ads, which is really annoying.

  4. TheOropherfelegund says:

    Amazing that when absolutely nobody voted for the budget, including a sizable group of democrats, that it’s still the republican’s fault.

  5. zrkn1 says:

    How much longer will Americans fall for this game ???

  6. CheddarBob39 says:

    He’s a retard, an imbecile, NEVER GO FULL RETARD, Obama long ago went full retard. And for that reason alone, he should not be reelected. We cannot have a full retard in the white house. Bush was a retard, but not a full retard.

  7. kenosarawa says:

    “Two-plus-two equals *long pause* five!” That is true, but only for very large values of two.

  8. TheJustmike2010 says:

    thank you, God bless. Remember, odumbass promised us transparency, he just didn’t tell us that transparent for a demonrat means 6 feet of bulls***.

  9. TheJustmike2010 says:

    barry odumbass hasn’t a clue, he’ll just point and shout and blame it on you.
    Harry reid has the mind of a shrimp, and he really is odumbass’s pimp
    come november barry will cry, cause the country will tell him good-bye
    Michelle can be proud of her man and his ideology, cause racists are all that the rest of us see.
    socialism is dying you all, but it ain’t goin’ without a sqall.
    NOBAMA 2012

  10. lonewolf031 says:

    HAHA!! the Ship is sinking and the rats are leaving!!

  11. zvi303 says:

    Why didn’t someone actually address Harry Reid’s argiument, that the BCA was a budget? I don’t care if he’s boring; he’s a lagislator and SHOULD be boring.

    P.S. So the pres. thinks rubber-stamping a dbet increase is NOT a charade? Then why is there a law in the first place?

  12. GoblinKnightLeo says:

    Whereas James Madison actually endorsed party systems as a means of stabilizing the politics of the nation and preventing rapid political change. It’s the reason we DON’T have communism yet.

  13. stanparrish1 says:

    So Obama couldn’t even get one vote for his budget.
    Why am I not surprised?
    He has never had anyone vote for his budgets because he does not have a clue how an economy works.

  14. jorysmith1986 says:

    You would think that a job that requires someone to speak all that time as a press secretary, they would hire someone who can actually speak in public.

  15. WoodlandRavah says:

    I doubt 1 good budget would get them reelected, 1/2 of the voting base, would rage since the clowns that rely on a hand out would starve if the cuts that are desperately needed were made. I’m just waiting for an inevitable collapse for more people to realize what is actually happening, I just fear their short sighted perspective will blame capitalism, and be completely ignorant over the differences between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics.

  16. Lipsnx4u says:

    A deficit commission in this administration would be classify as another czar appointment. That is all we need. Thank you, for posting.

  17. hdl13 says:

    I good budget won’t get them any friends in the house of reps or senate but it will win over the people and will get them re-elected. They wouldn’t even need to have as many boring speeches to try and con us if they don’t want to. But I think some like Obama like to hear themselves speak so for some it won’t matter much.

  18. hdl13 says:

    Or do you ever feel dirty doing the horrible things that you have to power doing? Why aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Do you just think that you are above everyone else? You’re not special and you should know that everyone is replaceable.

  19. WoodlandRavah says:

    Honestly I think the only thing keeping them from even attempting to pass a budget are their efforts at getting reelected, both sides of the aisle obviously.

  20. hdl13 says:

    If I could ask them a question like in a town hall meeting that they have so the (well chosen) people can ask them questions about their policies. I would ask them “Is passing a budget that hard to do so you just don’t? I understand it must be so much easier to try and run peoples lives that don’t need your help, because all of them can do it on their own, they have been doing hard things like passing a budget for themselves with no help from the government.” It needs to be asked.

  21. asteroiddestroyed says:

    Jay Carney’s a bitch.

  22. asteroiddestroyed says:

    what was this “budget control act” that Reid speaks of, and why is it different from a budget?

  23. asteroiddestroyed says:

    reid reminds me more of a slug than a primate.

  24. WoodlandRavah says:

    I hear ya, I’ve been trying for more than a few years at this, we just have to raise the levels of awareness, gotta separate the people from the “bread and circuses” that lie to them at every possible opportunity.

  25. mrthink777 says:

    I guess he forgot to include it in the constitution? Would have been a lot better than just saying it don’t you think?


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