The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street – Politics Informer Video

Learn more here: Based on Richard A. Epstein’s new Broadside, this video outlines the differences between the classical liberalism of the Tea Parties and the progressive agenda advanced by the OWS movement, and reveals that the painful performance of the American economy in the past decade is not a function of bad luck, but the product of flawed institutional design. We are reaping the harvest of efforts to reinvigorate the progressive programs of the New Deal that stress high progressive taxes, large transfer payments, strong labor laws, and major barriers to free trade. This combination of public finance and market regulation has proved a potent force for disaster. Richard Allen Epstein (born April 17, 1943) is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law and Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Chicago Law School.
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  1. There’s going to have to be some sort of middle ground. Before wealth is taxed and redistributed, it needs to be created. It can’t be created unless you have a skilled, healthy, and educated population, and infrastructure.

  2. Progressivism works?
    Italy = financial trouble
    Greece = financial trouble
    Spain = financial trouble
    France = financial trouble
    United Kingdom = financial trouble
    United States = financial trouble
    If all these countries are collapsing under the weight of the progressive agenda, how can you claim progressivism works?

  3. Some people are barely getting by with their current income in this stagnant economy and the solution is to apparently impose even larger taxes on those least capable of paying it. Instead of someone who is buying their 6th summer home, we’ll have the guy who can barely feed their kids pay for social resolutions. This video is a blemish to modern society and common sense.

  4. Why shouldn’t someone who earns more have to pay more taxes? Taxes are your way of giving back to the community and someone who has benefited more from the infrastructure of our society should have to give back more. Instead, they give back even less than everyone else and sometimes renounce citizenship to give all of their success back to an entirely different country. That’s outright criminal.

  5. Easy. It’s a huge farce. Half of his claims are substantiated by excessive wording. Shrinks the size of the stock of financial wealth? What does that even mean? Someone who earns 2 million a year can easily support all their needs and infinitely more. How does a stagnant economy have anything to do with whether or not someone with 50 million dollars can afford to pay 2% more than everyone else? Of course it can be supported.

  6. This video is good up to the end. The last part, when it says that the progressive movement is unsustainable is all lies. PROVE IT. Don’t just tell me, you have to actually prove it. The facts staggeringly support the fact that the Progressive movement absolutely WORKS. Look at ANY other first world country.

  7. When Reagan took office, in his first month through his changes, unemployment went below 5% and gas prices went down immediately and we had a surplus! Reagan understood that more government does nothing except shrink the people. The Occupy movement is embarrassing and is now dead. Vote in November and take this socialist man of a President out of office!

  8. You liberals just don’t get it do you?? Obama has been in office for 4 years now! Republicans are not in charge! Obama has been able to do anything he wants to do. He told us that unemployment would be below 8% in his first year as President. It’s now 15% actual unemployment. He said the stimulus would bring us out of the recession. We’re still in it! He passed the health care bill, and it does nothing good! It takes money out of one government program and puts it in another.

  9. Classical liberalism = Libertarianism, but The Tea party =/= True Libertarianism, Tea Party =/= Classical Liberalism. Almost all of the tea party candidates who did espouse some libertarian ideals have sold out, now that in office. And the tea party itself is a joke now, as they were going to endorsed Herman Cain before he dropped out of the GOP race.

  10. Funny how desperately this channel is trying to emulate the brilliant animated videos found in RSA Animate. Yet doesn’t even come a step close to the intellectual content found in those videos.

    Go to the channel “theRSAorg” if you want your mind truly expanded, not this conservative hogwash.

  11. You’re Not A socialist,but I don’t like government welfare. I would rather a public charity. and you get a tax credit for all the money you donate.


    FOX news took over the Tea Party and turned it republican. Nothing more republican than a peasant loving a billionaire authoritarian war mongering politician as long as it’s “freedom” aka. the dumbest people on earth.

  13. Having a relative who worked in jail, I agree 200%. These people get free dental every week and colored TV.

    But what should we do with violent inmates(not drugs)?I don’t want to privatize jails.

    I think I can find 1Trillion in cuts from the federal government.

  14. Perhaps Republicans could stop spending $30-$50K a year on these people, by putting them in prison!!
    There’s no reason some lowly crackhead deserves a free ride with full universal healthcare like that.
    Instead of locking that pothead loser in prison for four years, we could send someone to an above-average private university to get a Bacholers degree.
    Not saying it should be some undeserving pothead, but still.

  15. Well, I completely agree then.
    There’s no reason that someone living below the poverty line should be spending money on luxuries.
    But, this isn’t so much an argument against welfare or taxes, it’s an argument against sloppy enforcement of welfare laws.
    We can easily clamp down on how foodstamps are spent.
    No alcohol, no cigarettes, no cash.
    Free occupational training and healthy food, and adequate housing, will pay for themselves.
    Don’t think that makes me a socialist.

  16. I say get rid of the income tax,but i thought a flat tax would be compromising and being negotiable. A flat tax is regressive but hopefully not too much. A 3-5% flat tax would be reasonable.

    But it’s also unfair that people on food stamps(some not all)get high end shoes and bags(I see them) while we work 12 hours a day(sometimes nights and varying shifts).

    47% of Americans don’t pay any taxes. If we could get $50-$100 from them then that would be great.


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