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This clip compares the Tea Party to the American Taliban. It is a very witty commentary on our current political system, one that deserves proper attention. -ideological purity -compromise as weakness -a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism -denying science -unmoved by facts -undeterred by new information -a hostile fear of progress -a demonization of education -a need to control women’s bodies -severe xenophobia -tribal mentality -intolerance of dissent -a pathological hatred of the US government They can call themselves the Tea Party/Conservatives/Republicans … But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.
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  1. This scene nailed it.  The Koch brothers and those like them control the tea party, and the little people march along like mindless bobble-heads because they think they’re doing God’s will. The big joke is that over time the faithful little people will be culled down by lack of money, political voice, health care and education.

  2. Everyone this youtuber, Ricovali, is a Tea Party idiot. Spam this moron with messages and watch funny idiotic replies you will get. Seriously, everyone try it out test out the dummy.

  3. 32 of 33 States disenfranchising voters and votes – republican legislation, republican govenors; use hate and fear and religious dogma over it’s cult following, check – you’re either with us or against us – otherwise – you are smeared and attacked via propaganidsts – if you’re Not American Taliban – you’re Republican Fascists.

  4. I like Ron Paul. I don’t agree with his economics, but he’s right on the money with our foreign policy. He’s also consistent…I respect that. Notice how the Neo-cons have treated poor Ron? They don’t even let him talk.


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