George Clooney warns US Congress of disaster in South Sudan – Politics Informer Video

Actor and human rights activist George Clooney testifies on Capitol Hill on Sudan in an effort to use his star power to bring action to the humanitarian crisis there, as Sudan and South Sudan are seen at risk of reigniting one of Africa’s bloodiest wars.
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  1. You can tell he is reading from something, but all politicians have notes, to keep themselves on track. If you listen to what he’s saying, he clearly understands what he’s saying. The quote “These are not acts of war, these are war crimes” is a direct criticism of the policies of the United States government in respect to the situation in Sudan.

  2. I agree. Look at what happened when we elected Reagan. We began a trend where only elite, rich people had a chance to become successful, all while developing a huge disparity in wealth and running a huge deficit. Yet, because he had been a famous actor, many people seem all too willing to gloss over his epic failure. We don’t need these clueless actors meddling in our politics.

  3. Its a bit harsh, this is something he’s obviously passionate about.  Nothing against celebrities using there fame to bring such crimes to the public eye.

  4. Sad to see armchair Warriors bashing someone who is trying to help the situation not babble rubbish while innocent people are being murdered over this. Face the facts people help is what they need. What are you doing to make a difference?
    Thank you George for sticking your neck out while others sit and rant!

  5. George, obama killed an American citizen with a drone and with out a trial also his 16 year old son was also killed with out a trial. Why do you support Obama and look the other way you freaking one-sided idiot?


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