Top 100 – Things Republicans and Democrats Say – Politics Informer Video

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13 Responses to “Top 100 – Things Republicans and Democrats Say – Politics Informer Video”

  1. K Lewis says:

    36 i heard in my history class!!

  2. Kmlol27 says:

    Lol. Good thing mitt didnt win. Id hav no chance in the hunger games!!!!

  3. Christian Fales says:

    74 for sure

  4. ChibiDr3amz says:

    I love the little child democrat teddy bear lol.

  5. thislifeismymessage says:

    you’re brilliant 

  6. BostonCelticsfor18th says:

    22: That’s what I did no joke 1:54

  7. MrGiantFart says:

    I voted for Hulk Hogan my second choice was Chuck Norris

  8. MissEllieRigby says:

    “If Mitt Romney wins this election, I will volunteer as tribute for the Hunger Games.” LOLLL

  9. MoNicA BaRdWeLL says:

    #41 .. I’m quitting school!!  Why do I want to make more money do they can just tax me on it???

    #74- HungerGames, Lmfao!!!!

  10. chasehj3 says:

    74 hahaha

  11. glossyxokizzez says:

    #66 basically. And its even worse now that the election is over.

  12. emnelie says:


  13. GamePlayer8326 says:

    I swear some people really need to do #53. -_-


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