Inside Story: US 2012 – What defines the Democrats? – Politics Informer Video

Republicans say the Democrats are the party of big government, working to divide the US through class warfare. Critics on the left say that aside from a few social issues both the Democrats and the Republicans are barely distinguishable. So what exactly defines the Democrats? Guests: Gary Younge, Rocky Anderson, Michael Kazin.

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  1. Bought out neoliberal windbags that talk like their progressive (especially during election years) but when in power, don’t do crap or worse embrace the plutocratic agenda, of the republicans.

  2. We’ve tried change under Obama, and the banks were bailed out; while people’s homes were foreclosed. Romney, however would plunge the U.S. into a state of hysteria, immediately upon taking office. Our only hope is with Third Parties, remember people we have a choice that isn’t bad and worse(democrat/republican). Check the ballot box in your state, and research Jill Stein and Gary Johnson; the two other candidates the news won’t cover. Please, make a informed decision before making your vote!

  3. Pragmatism means “We have sold your asses out to the corporations, and taken our 30 pieces of silver. We’re just as bad as the Republicans, but we make Progressive noises to cover up our shameless corruption”.


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