Bill Maher And Chris Matthews Tear Apart Republicans Who Predicted A Romney Landslide – Politics Informer Video

Comedian Bill Maher joined Chris Matthews on MSNBC to weigh in with his thoughts on what President Barack Obama’s victory means for American politics. They mocked prominent Republicans who predicted a victory for Mitt Romney and criticized polling firms which measured a more Democratic electorate than they thought would show up at the polls on Tuesday. “Maybe the only people more depressed than Republicans are comedians,” Matthews noted, saying that the comedic potential from a Romney administration was significant. Maher hit Karl Rove hard, saying that when the conservative analyst tried to get Fox News Channel to back off from their calling Ohio from Obama was the equivalent of living in “Hitler’s bunker.” Maher also went after Republicans who criticized the state-level polling which consistently showed Romney significantly behind in the weeks leading up to Election Day, again appealing to a Nazi analogy. Matthews played a clip of Dick Morris who also predicted that Romney would win. “These people have denied facts and math,” said Maher. Maher criticized the Republicans for their objection to health care reform, citing the United Nations which routinely ranks American health care behind other western nations. “Outside of the bubble there are facts,” Maher continued. “I know they’re not in the bible, but can’t we use them sometimes?” Matthews and Maher discussed Donald Trump’s tweets from election night in which he called for “revolution.” “As soon as Obamacare really
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21 Responses to “Bill Maher And Chris Matthews Tear Apart Republicans Who Predicted A Romney Landslide – Politics Informer Video”

  1. 2012Sept1 says:

    Republicans are going to split as a party – there will be more options.

  2. 2012Sept1 says:

    There are TWO pigs at the trough. Corporations vs the skinny starving piggy. The corporations and their elite like Romney eat more than their fill and have started to hoard food in off shore banks not wanting to give back even a little. If there was more equality from the Republicans they would remain relevent. But now they want ZERO tax increase for the wealthy….so be it. It’s your funeral. it’s democracy.

  3. wsoxman says:

    I bet you wish there were only one party that thought just like you. Maybe a dictatorship would work best for you? Never challege your leaders. Never as questions of poor managment. It like you people think this is a Sport and cheer your team no matter how screwed up they are. I question just having 2 party system that plays one American against another.

  4. wsoxman says:

    Read your post again . Now think about 93% of Blacks and 71% of Latinos that just vote for the D, The party that will give them shit. The Dem party is finished without the ghettos of big cities that keep voting the same old way and expecting different. Every fucked up state with Debt, is led by the D. Im In corrupt Illinois that has continued to vote for the party of dependancy. Just look at Detroit, Chicago and LA. Everyone of them lead by the D for decades…..of more poverty.

  5. 2012Sept1 says:

    Most of the southern states only vote for republicans. They don’t vote for the candidate, they just vote for the party. You could have Donald Trump running and he would have have won the state. The only states that matter are the swing states and battle ground states. And in 4 years the demographics will become even more hardened against the Republicans if they don’t quit behaving as if we live in the 1960’s. Those days are long gone, and those voters are in care homes.

  6. BahamasSecurity says:

    Who watches this rubbish?

  7. Major Karma says:

    Personally, I would be very happy in a world without these Talking Heads, both sides and directions. Can I say that without being labeled a Hater, if so, let me go on to say I have no respect or use for both the Republican and Democratic Parties and there yard dogs…how disgusting.

  8. Philip Shaw says:

    Guess who’s even more irrelevant? A. Mitt Romney, B. Your Momma, C. Both.

  9. Alter Ego says:

    M.C. Roooove,… the grand wizard of illusion!

  10. Ashkalan says:

    I bet you’re white..

  11. thisisanewusername says:

    Myth Robmey got less votes than Grandpa McCain and got less Mormon votes than George Bush. Everyone should be LMAO.

  12. tom holstein says:

    whats up with Benghazi? Blame bush,racist idiots!

  13. wsoxman says:

    All Americans are still waiting on Obama’s Grand Plan to fix the economy and create jobs. Then again, we are still waiting on what the hell happened to our 4 people in Benghazigate. Maybe Denzil Washington can make a movie about it? This President sure isn’t talking about it.

  14. wsoxman says:

    Ass kicked? Ass kicked in a baseball game is 12-0. In elections is 65-35% of the vote. Obama 51 vs Romney 48, is hardly an ass kicking, unless your a dopy kid that can’t understand numbers. 48% of the American Citizens didn’t like Obama. I guess we are all mean rich guys, like the Obama Market Team wanted you to believe.

  15. wsoxman says:

    I just saw the movie Flight, with Denzel Washington. What a great actor. I bet he could do just as good a job running this country, as Obama. Denzel wouldn’t even need to have a telepromter to know his “LINES”.

  16. MrMPTS says:

    Dick Morris, well folks the name says it clearly he is a dick.

  17. CapedCrusader91 says:

    Democrats are not great, but it was nice to see the GOP get punched in the mouth that night.

  18. bmw318racer says:

    Math the Republicans use to make themselves feel better…. After getting their asses kicked.

  19. lebvet82 says:

    and when they shed skin, their true personalities show. THEY, the irrelevant little pricks are the little racists. Enfin Chris (you drunk little prick) now we shall see how our (yes OUR) President will navigate us through the next four years. This while Adams and Washington roll over and weep! Hey Chriisie, my dad back in Holland in the seventees paid 75% income tax…………yes sir. And he was no rich guy either!

  20. lebvet82 says:

    Chris and Billie are irrelevant little pricks.Crying their little eyes out about racism whenever they can. These two irrelevant little pricks bothe live in their own little elite world which indeed is filled with racists. Both black and white. i have lived in the US for over twenty five years in four different states and hardly ever encountered racism. No, after a few cocktails at their cocktail parties both little pricks together with their cocktail dress wearing little pricksthey shed skin!

  21. MsCroquemonsieur says:

    The book behind Bill Maher – “Wish It, Want It, Do It”, Brian Griffin’s book from Family Guy lololol


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