Congressman On Petraeus: “I’m Not Sure The President Was Not Told Before Election Day”

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says he isn't sure that President Obama did not know about David Petraeus' extramarital affair prior to the election.

REP. MIKE ROGERS: I have all the respect for David Petraeus and I hope his family goes through a healing process and then he'll move on with his life, but if you're a brand new case officer at the CIA and have an undisclosed relationship and an undisclosed way of communicating outside of the bounds, you get fired. Why? Because it's a counterintelligence threat to someone who has very sensitive and classified information. That's how it got started. And it probably should have been brought forward earlier as a national security threat, both to Congress and other players.

GREGORY: You think the president should have been told before Election Day?

REP. ROGERS: I'm not– I'm not sure the president hasn't– was not told before Election Day. The attorney general said that the State Department– excuse me– the Department of Justice did not notify the president. But we don't know if the attorney general did.

GREGORY: You think the president– that's new– that's news that the president knew before Election Day.

REP. ROGERS: I didn't say that.

GREGORY: You don't"¦

REP. ROGERS: I said– I said I don't know. I will tell you"¦

GREGORY: You think there's no evidence that he did.

SEN. FEINSTEIN: There is no evidence of that.

REP. ROGERS: The attorney general knew months before this.


REP. ROGERS: There was no formal notice to both Congress or the intelligence community.


REP. ROGERS: I find it– we just have to ask the question. I hope he'll come out and talk to us about it.

SEN. FEINSTEIN: I spoke to the attorney general.

REP. ROGERS: We could– we could resolve– we could resolve this very quickly with a conversation in the intelligence spaces if he did have that conversation with the president.

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