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Barack Obama has been elected to a second term as President of the United States. In his acceptance speech, Obama praised the American spirit that helped the country unify and overcome its darkest hours, and said he would work with Republicans to move on and achieve their common goals – READ MORE RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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23 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Victory Speech 2012 (Full Video) – Politics Informer Video”

  1. blackhog42 says:

    Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father. They’re the same height, skin color, freckles & everything… they’re father/son. Obama looks nothing like the little dark Kenyan guy. Some pictures surfaced recently, Ann Dunham posed nude in Frank Marshall Davis’ house before she became pregnant with Obama. When Obama was a kid she sent him back to Hawaii to be around Frank Marshall Davis, in his book Obama talks about spending a lot of time with him

    Check out the film “Dreams From My Real Father”

  2. 616Chrissy says:

    wouldn’t say HE is the spawn of Satan… more like the REAL leaders the elites of this world…
    you get it ;p.

    hes just a puppet that knows what hes doin. him and every one else in his cabinet…

  3. SuboptimalMusic says:

    he isnt an american idiot! hes a nigger! black! :D

  4. kiplenhowser says:

    And like our ForeFATHERS wanted we All get a piece of American pie. Bigots hate to share

  5. thaparanormlist says:

    This murderer is a disgrace to tha human race. His lies have tha stench of pure satanism. Celebrity dictator piece of shit. We smell your agenda and wont rest until until your tyranny comes to an end. This speech is nothing but propaganda. LIES LIES LIES LIES! Wake up America, get off your knees! People are dying, lives are ruined and your all being mentally poised to believe this evil is necessary. Barak Hussain Obama is Satan’s pawn!

  6. Spencer Dobkin says:

    do some research

  7. HornyJoeBaloney says:

    Who does this S.O.B. sometimes see when he looks into a mirror?

    Carl Marx…Joe Stalin…George Soros…the devil…

  8. einlea67 says:

    USA IDIOTS… Hail your supreme PINOCCHIO… He has a long noise already… GO GO GO BARRY…

  9. einlea67 says:

    The Worlds Greatest Bullshitartist… Lie… followed by a lie.. followed by a lot of crap and bullshit.. A monkey on a string…

  10. sadjo sidbé says:

    I appreciate very well. It was interesting.

  11. cbohar84 says:

    I love how Obama says he doesn’t want children to live in an America that is burdened by debt yet this is the same man who added SIX TRILLION DOLLARS to the national debt!

  12. cbohar84 says:

    This man disgusts me on so many levels

  13. TheDarkangel742 says:

    His healthcare plan isn’t FORCING companies to lay people off. They should have been giving their employers healthcare benefits in the first place, Obama shouldn’t have to tell them to. Secondly, he has created over 400 million jobs, jobs that his opponent were sending over sees. Furthermore, his healthcare plan is already being practiced in most of the other industrialized nations on a greater scale than he is trying to do here.

  14. jmaraknido says:

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  15. BlackRepublican2010 says:

    Hope isn’t a strategy Obama. I am ashamed that the African American community would re-elect a President with 96% of our vote when black unemployment is the highest since the great depression. The wrong man won.

  16. BlackRepublican2010 says:

    Obama gets what exactly? He hasn’t balanced 1 budget, he lies to Americans every single day, unemployment is high & his healthcare bill is forcing many industries to lay off workers. This is the worst recovery in over 50 years. What does he get? Because Obama sure as hell does not know how to perform the essential functions of being President.

  17. Bronzecop says:

    Late Reply. Even with a chance to escape is an illusion?

  18. leftgibson says:

    Did you post that from your free Obama Phone??

  19. Francis Corcoran says:

    I was under the impression that we all reside in the same reality. Certainly with our own perception of it, but nevertheless the same one. Who’s forcing you? relax… only suggestions over here. Also for the record, that was a sincere greeting. Your quite a negative nancy Mr. Kersey.

  20. slutuo says:

    moron are you and all the republicans!!

  21. MrAJ8687 says:

    if you don’t know anything about politics than your opinion means nothing.

  22. MrAJ8687 says:

    Haha, but the Democrats inherited a mess, but, they simply expanded the mess with stimulus and QE novocaine.

  23. Caligirlvanessa says:

    Who are u to judge my political knowledge? I ‘m a Democrat and entitled to my opinion. Plz, next time when you respond to a comment, show some respect. Thanks..


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