Thanksgiving and Post Election with Susie! – Politics Informer Video

I am still tryin’ to recover from the sad election results. But I’ve managed to finally get out of bed and get back to what I do best…reportin’ on breakin’ news! And since it’s Thanksgiving, I figured I would review the true facts (like every good conservative does) about the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Twitter: SusieSampson Facebook: Susie Sampson Contact: Shot by: Suniil Sadarangani Edited by: Amy Wiesneck

18 Responses to “Thanksgiving and Post Election with Susie! – Politics Informer Video”

  1. anonymous10099 says:

    Not sure if female Colbert or if female Nappa

  2. Nykingnum11 says:


  3. TheMMAtheist says:

    Good observation. So can we confirm now that right wingers regurgitate fucktardery they hear from propaganda based “news” sources?

  4. Bryan Blumberg says:

    This interview was conducted in Los Angeles, California, which is hardly Republican-land. I would like Susie to travel to an authentic Republican stronghold in order to experience the true cold turkey that they’re experiencing this holiday season. Next time try Bakersfield or San Diego.

  5. Ittai Islas says:

    She is trolling republicans right?

  6. b017ni3 says:

    At 01:00, the older gentleman, the one who liked Mussolini, starts to say “the people who weren’t born here” TWO TIMES.

    The first time he stopped himself and replaced it with “ones who don’t want to work” and the second time he says “unwilling to want to work” instead.

    I just find it funny that a guy who wasn’t born here has to TWICE stop himself from criticizing people who, like him, weren’t born here.

  7. NobodysOffTheHook says:


  8. magr187 says:

    “Protection? I got that in my wallet right now.”
    “You mean a gun!? or”
    “A rubber!”

    Fantastic! Lol

  9. etetepete says:

    Conservatives would ‘probaply’ vote for Mussolini.

  10. rachelsOne says:

    But who cares if she is? these dolts should be sharper than they are, if you are interviewed don’t pull a [Sarah] “Palin” and Susie won’t be able to say: “Gotcha”

  11. rachelsOne says:

    Do youm intentionally look for such stupid, stupid people?…D-U-H of course you do Great Work

  12. ohbuddyiliketowatch says:

    and who cares if she is….. dumb people are actually saying this dumb shit lol

  13. texkit1 says:

    Very funny…….immigrants = native Americans lol

  14. juliandu says:

    Susie I’m dutch so I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, can’t vote in the American elections but I love your videos they really brighten up my day! :)

  15. phleblady1 says:

    Great video as always Susie! I was wondering where you’ve been recently. LMAO: amazing how “Those immigrant Indians who came over” and no one caught it. Geeze….if you don’t laugh you almost cry at the level of education some people have. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. TeaPartyReport says:

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  17. TeaPartyReport says:

    Why thank you! Your support is much appreciated:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. screeningmimi says:

    I hear you. Sadly these people really do represent ‘the state of our union.’


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