Sen. Levin: Obama Has To Express Concern Over Morsi Power Grab

SEN. LEVIN: But I– even though there's great concern there, I think we have to be very cautious. We don't obviously want to see a democratically elected autocrat take the place of an undemocratically elected dictator, which was the case before that. On the other hand, there's some real pluses that are possible here. If Egypt takes some real responsibility for making the cease-fire work, we'll stop those missiles from going through those tunnels into Gaza, and they seem to be moving in that direction that can make a real difference in terms of what's going on in Gaza and their attacks on Israel, which have been the cause of this whole"¦

GREGORY: So what would you like to see the president say–to put a brake on Morsi seizing power? What words does the president have to use to say we're not going back to Mubarak?

SEN. LEVIN: He has to express those concerns and say, obviously, we want this change to be not just democratic but to also be supportive of stability and also to be protecting of minorities"¦

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