Mark Levin: “Republicans Really Want To Raise Taxes”

MARK LEVIN: The attacks on Norquist and on this no tax pledge are intended, and by the way are bipartisan, to attack you. They really have nothing to do with Norquist, or the tax pledge. The Democrats don't want to reduce the size of this massive government that's being even more massive, because they want it, they like it, they're attached to it, they're appendages to each other.

Now the Republicans, on the other hand, are attacking Norquist and the no tax pledge because the Republicans really want to raise taxes. They have wanted to raise taxes for the longest time. They're not Reaganites, they're not conservatives, we've got to get that through our heads. They don't believe in this, they believe in government. Maybe a different type of government, maybe not as big as the Democrats, but they believe in the status quo.

What did Boehner say when he was interviewed by Diane Sawyer? 'Obamacare is the law.' That's what he said. He's been trying to walk it back. That's what he said and that's what he meant. (Mark Levin Show, November 26, 2012)

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