Julian Castro is the Democrats’ rising star at the DNC – Politics Informer Video

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is the first Latino to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com Or visit our site at www.cnn.com

20 Responses to “Julian Castro is the Democrats’ rising star at the DNC – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Brandon Johns says:

    This country does not belong to illegal immigrants.

  2. Brandon Johns says:

    That’s comforting to hear from one communist one that actually has the last name of a well-known communist. We are headed for communism if people like Obama and Castro are not stopped.

  3. Celena Lulu says:

    THIS MAN is the future of the country.
    The baton is being passed down from Obama to Castro
    Respect for this man.

  4. Mrepifanio19 says:

    Multi culturalism we dint do that we been here for 1000s of years blacks Europeans Chinese every body came to America the Aztec land you are all the real WETBACKS

  5. iHacksorzz says:

    aw ye.

  6. HUD725 says:

    what? he can’t even speak spanish? smh to the people who raised him.

  7. Diakonov29 says:

    I’ll pronounce it jooleein thanks. Fuckin faggot traitors. US is FUCKED. multi culturalism = anti white

  8. muffinmansex says:


  9. fatcat3211 says:

    So this guy’s Chinese right?

  10. Mrepifanio19 says:

    Super Jay that sounds Gay are you from San Francisco ?….blue eyes and all that jajajjaj

  11. TJETROCKET says:

    Obama spent the last two years (half of his term!) campaigning/golfing instead of working…and now he wants four more years? FUCK THAT SHIT!
    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  12. Mrepifanio19 says:

    Well I dint cross the seas as you people did all my raza it’s been in this continent for thousands of years

  13. SuperJay916 says:

    the only land that is ur is ur mom basement you fkin troll

  14. Lanskee Shuru says:

    Knowing this. Now, what the peace-loving freedom-riders known as the U.S. Military has to do is stop all bloodshed everywhere, e.g. Nigeria, Mali, Sudan/South Sudan, Burma, the Philippines—just to name a pittance. As the Spanish did, we’ve got to murder every single wrongdoer, to make sure we get it right. Also, we want to ensure that our neo-Spanish (which, including PRs are nearly half our population) are proud of us–so it’s biggie genocide all the time.

    Hail Cortez + the reverse-Nazis.

  15. buffalowingmediabias says:

    I definitely agree.  Before the Spanish came to America, the Aztecs were busy slaughtering and slaving their own people. How do you think their vast empire was built? The Spanish had no right to interfere in the killing and raping that the Aztecs were doing to their own people. The Aztecs should have been allowed to be as violent and savage as they wanted to be in their own land. They were only hurting each other, no one else. Poor Aztecs.

  16. Alisha Morgan says:

    SERIOUSLY!? What is up with the hispanics!! You shoot down Blacks because the government tell you to and then you switch faces and pretend that you’re being oppressed and just want to live and work like humans but you’re anything but. You’ve never been oppressed but have and continue to act like racist satanist oppressors. Trayvon caused you to be put permanently under the label of new white supremacists. Simple things like customer service you can’t do. Rude, hostile, and sabotaging.

  17. Lanskee Shuru says:

    If you speak Spanish first, you are Spanish. The Aztecs were genocided by the Spanish.

  18. jmoneyboy08 says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. buffalowingmediabias says:

    Sorry, but a lot of us Hispanics didn’t grow up in America with a radical mother who wanted parts of the United States turned over to Mexico. And a lot of us got ahead without the help of the government. In addition, most of us are not gay pretending to be straight and most of us don’t start going bald in our 30’s. So no, he is not “the perfect example” of the rest of us.

  20. chupon459 says:

    Keep on going with the enviness. Has anyone really seen a hispanic person taking a field job? A maid job? A babysitter job? Really? We just come to this country for a better opportunity in life. Just like many of our ancestors did in the 1800’s. So stop generalizing people with negative comments. Julian Castro is the perfect example of someone who works hard for his or her dreams.


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