China and the US Presidential Election – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video

China and the US Presidential Election - Elections 2012

Jane Perlez, the Times’ chief diplomatic correspondent in Beijing, explains the Chinese interest in the American presidential election. Read full article:
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18 Responses to “China and the US Presidential Election – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Bình Nguyễn says:

    In fact, no-one gives a shit about the election in China. (LOL)

  2. lee long says:

    is that why the Riches step over the poor even harder than here? look at the demolition on ppl home for Corps. or the government Officail spend their time on gambling, whoring, and abusing power? btw there is not election in china. just bunch of government official elect each other. cut spending to help your own ppl? just look at migrated workes in china. freakin 50 cents party.

  3. ASTEagle says:

    lol election news coverage in china. you know they elect their leaders behind close doors right?

  4. KristelMoerkek says:

    Get a chance at a $1000 Walmart Giftcard for voting

    Let’s vote on Internet for USA Elections 2012 :


  5. 1988scottcarey says:

    Hopefully china elects a young entrepreneur who will fix china and the world right!

  6. Mateus Castro says:

    roseanne barr and jill stein are both jewish barrack and romney are funded by the big banks which are jewish thomas is for christianity exposingchristianity[dot]com 666blacksun[dot]com gary is for legalizing marijuana teenwitch[dot]com/religiousfre­edom/bloodlibel.html 666blacksun[dot]com joyofsatan[dot]com Hail Satan Beelzebub Astaroth Azazel

  7. WhatsRealJustice says:

    @Matisyahu Greenspan my parents bought a product from amazon, and was all of a sudden charged 350 bucks for random shipping from China, with a chinese voicemail. They are a potential, and might even be considered a somewhat big manipulator.

  8. WhatsRealJustice says:

    @Thipzjyuzbat illuminati dumbasses.

  9. HoSayLiaoLah says:

    The true and real masters are voters like u!!!!

  10. Thipzjyuzbat says:

    these so called “presidents” are puppets, the True and Real Masters are hidden.

  11. xbradx11 says:

    Vote Gary Johnson (Libertarian)! Let’s get him to 5% of the vote and end Bi-partisan government!

  12. LHKKKing says:

    Election or not, China needs a leader who is both capable and determined to make changes.

  13. LikeItThatWay Chen says:

    “Mainstream” it is.

  14. guzilla1993 says:

    Good point. They are switching officials at about the same time.

  15. Christopher Wang says:

    The Chinese main street media doesn’t cover much about the election because that make the Chinese “election” looks bad. The young Chinese care about the election because we don’t like our “election”, and we want to see what a real one looks like. That simple.

  16. ZhechenZhu says:

    who the f cares about the American election. you think the election news deserves more coverage in China, maybe i should have my own show on CNN! another piece of advice, wanna compete with China? care less about your working class, pay less wage, lower tax rate and reduce social welfare. that’s how capitalism should run. no one likes that but that’s why China’s economy is growing stronger.

  17. Matisyahu Greenspan says:

    China is a currency manipulator?!? All they’ve done is peg the Yuan to the US Dollar. What’s the matter America? Beaten at your own game?

  18. egrajeda88 says:

    It’s a little word academics call “research”.


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