Tea Party Mormons – Politics Informer Video

Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch is among Cleveland Tea Party teabaggers discussing gold plates, magic underwear, and a talking salamander of Mormonism at a rally to decry the Occupy Wall Street movement in Cleveland, Ohio on August 18, 2012.

13 Responses to “Tea Party Mormons – Politics Informer Video”

  1. LuisAgraOlaya1995 says:

    The title is wrong, I think it’s meant to say morons

  2. 0schlaflos says:

    “this is a beautiful city you have starbucks”

  3. hoah says:


  4. chrisgr2008 says:

    They believe in talking snakes and talking burning bushes,you really think talking salamanders are an issue for them?

  5. mattrocks says:

    Obama ate a dog well that changes everything! lets hope he doesn’t get a taste for children

  6. sdwone says:

    Seriously, the Republicans should kick the Tea Party, or what’s left of it, to the kerb! Hell with luck, the Tea Party will come to this realization on their own and break away to form their own crazy fringe party. America is a VERY complex place so it’s a pretty safe bet that the Republicans are a pretty complex political party with diverse interests within it. But the Tea Party? These people are extremists and deserve to be treated as such. The quicker these two groups divorce the better!

  7. DragonFly122 says:

    these flea baggers are sooo butthurt.

  8. Thabiso Mhlaba says:

    The problem I find with this, is that it seems like too much time was spent trying to provoke people rather than show them, that they are being inconsistent or hypocritical with their beliefs. It almost went well when you touched on the Barack Obama muslim thing, where they for whatever reason think Obama is a muslim and that’s an issue. but suddenly when talking about Mitt Romney, religion doesn’t matter.

  9. MadTheFirst says:

    Haha 3:42 “Do you know Obama ate a dog”.

  10. TheLiquidTokyo says:

    “Who is John Galt…” Who the fuck CARES? These fucking people should be shot out into space.

  11. TheLiquidTokyo says:

    4:12 “Romney’s been consistent…?” Stupid fucking cunt.

  12. star50ify says:

    These morons are beyond stupid. If Hitler was around today and running for the Republicans these teabaggers would be his biggest supporter. They are clueless, ignorant, racist degenerates. They are the enemy of freedom, justice and democracy. The rich elite who manipulate these morons are laughing all the way to the bank.

  13. RepublicansAreNazis says:

    Obiwan2112, hey stupid ass! They have called themselves, “Teabaggers! ” without knowing the fucking meaning of the word!  So fuck you, bitch!!!


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