Republicans Slam Romney For Not Releasing Tax Returns – Politics Informer Video

“ABC News’ George Will slammed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for failing to fully release information on his tax returns and offshore accounts, saying Romney “must have calculated that there are higher costs in releasing them.” ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd agreed, saying “there’s obviously something there” in Romney’s returns that he doesn’t want public.” Read more: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:
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24 Responses to “Republicans Slam Romney For Not Releasing Tax Returns – Politics Informer Video”

  1. robertrulebirtannia says:

    3:09 democratic capitalism? in what alternate world was capitalism ever democratic?
    . It is an economic system based on the dictatorial running of the means of production.

  2. devin D-LoW says:

    NO ON PROP 32

  3. walter wallace says:

    wow.. that prop 32 Add is misleading! everyone vote NO!

  4. kipodegold says:

    Mitt Romney releases tax returns….Gives 4 million to charity in one year. See it all on his website.

  5. John Sarle says:

    I was going to vote for Mitt Romney until I read this interesting article about him on a radical blog called Selecting Stones. Now I’d pretty much rather sponge off Welfare than live under Romney’s “free-enterprise, free-individual society” where all I’m ever going to get in life are inadequate wages. Romney is a prostitute. Check it out. Selecting Stones.

  6. pef23 says:

    I agree. (not about me being stupid though, lol)

  7. ilikemike2436 says:

    I’m giving you the middle finger!!

  8. jimmi161 says:

    On the list of corruption in government, Romney’s tax returns are pretty low on the priority list.

  9. ilikemike2436 says:

    So you like it in the ass? And how does limbaugh’s dick feel in your ass?

  10. ecoherbalism says:

    Democrats fight with other Democrats and Repulicans with with each other too. You are obviously a Democrat with a with a democrats dick in your ass.

  11. ilikemike2436 says:

    What!? You must be another limbaugh ass licking donkey!

  12. creedstat says:

    All of the politicians are scumbags..capitalism is dead crony capitalism is alive and kicking in Washington and on wall street… Bailing out the rich is NOT free market capitalism!! They should all be stripped of their wealth and thrown in jail!!

  13. ecoherbalism says:

    mmm no. thats not how it works. try again

  14. BenthereDonthat08 says:

    @CommonSensejoe…like Obama never needed to show his birth certificate as well right? You assholes are hilarious with the contradictions.. The difference is clear as day.. Republicans NEVER apologize for mistakes they make and if you say the party never makes mistakes your a fuckin piece of shit…yet ALL the blame is pointed to the other party? Instead of both idiot parties fighting eachother why not actually help the PEOPLE .. Not just yourselves…either help or get the fuck out Tha way bec

  15. ilikemike2436 says:

    has anybody noticed that we Dems are completely united, including our liberal base, while the “Repugnacants” aren’t? hahaha!

  16. campcoy51 says:

    Sense Obama has been President, the Republican party made a choice to make sure that Obama is not successful, even if it hurts us all. Obama is a man who has been trying his best for the country, yet Republicans do everything under the sun to make sure our President does not succeed.

  17. econogate says:

    Romney already had all his money so ergo he already paid taxes on it, he hasn’t worked in many years so his taxes are much lower as a result of that, i think it seems deceptive to claim he didn’t pay a higher rate cause it only looks at recent income say last 10 years which was mostly capital gains and second this sort of taxes slight of hand smearing does nothing but ignore accumulated wealth and capital gains vs working income, which cannot be the same, they have overgeneralized the tax issue

  18. JeffFisher JaneBowell says:­949ggUzROg3pyQ?feature=mhee
    Ms. Cutter has no idea how evil BamBam and Romney are

  19. ramone2185 says:

    Where’s the video showing Romney saying Obama will destroy America & whatnot? I wanna watch that.

  20. embeddedrf says:

    No are YOU serious? Who gives a fcuk. He paid millions in taxes. What did you pay? 1000$ ? 10,000 per year? Yeah thought so. Let’s see the transcripts.

    I want to see Mr Transparency live up to the promises he made to me.

  21. CommonSenseJoe says:

    This is all Democrats can talk about. Romney is under NO OBLIGATION to release his tax records. So he has money in foreign banks! Lots of rich people have money in foreign banks. It is called diversification. Only an idiot would keep all of their money in American banks. How can anybody say Romney has paid little in taxes? I bet he has paid more in federal income taxes than 50% of the American COMBINED. That’s because nearly half the people pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX AT ALL.

  22. DillonDee1 says:

    When Romney ran for Gov it was required that you be a resident of Mass for 7 years.

    Some people suspected Mitt had claimed Utah in some years to evade Mass taxes & asked to see his tax returns

    Mitt claimed he’d filed all returns as a Mass resident & to JUST TRUST HIM.

    Then they offered Mitt a deal – just release the address on the returns

    Mitt was trapped & it turned out Mitt LIED & is a Psychopath!


  23. Asshat Sockpuppet says:

    Romney filed his taxes with the IRS. OweBama’s economic plan hinges on Romney releasing his tax records to his political enemies. If Romney shows OweBama his tax records we will no longer have high unemployment, unsustainable debt, welfare & social security will become solvent….OweBama has got NOTHING to promise but 4 more years of failed economic policies!

  24. ramone2185 says:

    Wow. Criticism coming from Republicans, on their own Republican candidate? This is all kinds of unbelievable!


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