Blame Hurricane Sandy For Romney Defeat, Say Republicans – Politics Informer Video

Blame Hurricane Sandy For Romney Defeat, Say Republicans

If Obama defeats Romney should he credit Hurricane Sandy? Republicans all over television (from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough to various Fox News guests and pundits) are pre-emptively blaming Sandy for a potential Republican defeat in the 2012 Presidential election. Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Support The Young Turks by Shopping Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:

19 Responses to “Blame Hurricane Sandy For Romney Defeat, Say Republicans – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Angel Loneheart says:

    Do you think that every Republican is a hero and is going to to what Reagan did? You really are a complete idiot! I sleep well at night knowing that I will never allow myself to controlled by a man that is a bigoted, warmongering, homophobic, anti women, racist, pro slavery, anti learning, anti progression, greedy, poor hating, thieving, sociopathic, delusional man that believes no one will get into heaven unless they wear magic underwear and knows secret hand shakes! Behold YOUR savior!

  2. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    Your comment about Reagan is just your way of side-stepping the fact that conservatism works when aplied. You wish to avoid any conversation involving Reagan because it would expose the fact that you made a HUGE mistake by voting for a Marxist to lead our country. How does one sleep at night knowing they voted for someone who hates America and is intent on its destruction? If you choose on character and you voted for Obama please explain Bill Ayres and Obamas association with him. Character??

  3. Angel Loneheart says:

    Empty rhetoric? Are you an idiot or something? I honestly don’t care about President Reagan because those days are gone! Believe it or not times actually do change! No matter how many times I say it, you can’t seem to get it through your thick scull that I don’t like Obama either. I choose the presidents I like based on their character and whether they will move the country more forward or backwards. I am sorry but, I will never vote for the evil, poor hating, homophobe, wearing magic underwear!

  4. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    I pick my presidents by choosing the least liberal of the lot. Sometimes I must vote for the lesser of two evils. And why then have you not commented on the success of Reagan? Give me specific Bush policy that resulted in the collapse of our economy if you can. Either give me facts or lose the empty rhetoric!! You lib’s are long on bilge and woefully short on substance. And don’t even try to tell me Clinton left Bush with a surplus!! This fallacy has been debunked long ago. I can prove it.

  5. Angel Loneheart says:

    You never answered the question that I asked about how you pick your presidents. All you do is keep on complaining as if I really cared. Btw, If you think the media is liberal then you are nothing more than a liar trying to promote the ideas of Fox news wherever you go. Even a person with the most basic intelligence knows that Bush was the leading cause of the economic collapse. Who are you planning to possibly convince with all of your one sided conservative propaganda? No one cares!

  6. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    George Bush was a better president than Obama will ever be. The media, being liberal, portrayed him as a buffoon and an idiot. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If he was so bad, then why was the unemployment rate average during his term lower than that of Bill Clinton? And especially with 9/11? Did you know that the Unem. rate averaged around 5% during most of his term and didn’t begin to rise until the democrats took full control of Congress in 1/07? Think of it, 5%!! Vs. 7.9!!

  7. Angel Loneheart says:

    Well it seems that you didn’t learn anything what so ever from when Bush was president. The real question is do you pick your presidents based on who they are or do you pick your presidents based on the party they are a member of?

  8. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    Whinner? Sore loser? Not hardley!This is the lament of one who has a basic understanding of how things work and what it takes to fix the problems our country faces. This is so much more than simply crying about losing an election, it’s more about seeing our country slipping away. A once great and proud nation now willing to base it’s entire future on policies that have been proven to lead to catastrophy. I am one who is sad to see folk like you who can’t see it. Who refuse to learn from history!

  9. Angel Loneheart says:

    This is still no more than the whining of a sore loser. Why don’t you just do what most Republicans claim to be able to do? Pick yourself up by your boot straps and move on! If you work hard enough then maybe someday you can be president!

  10. Angel Loneheart says:

    This has nothing to do with love or hate, it has to do with the truth. It does not surprise that you would tell me to go to a worse country to make the USA look better and it really does not surprise me that this is the only thing I said about the right wing that really bothered you. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone like you say that the USA is the best nation on earth and that everyone else is just jealous. Arrogant people like you are what make other countries hate the USA.

  11. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    Republicans don’t advocate the “conquering of foreign nations”, boy you really do hate what America has always stood for don’t you? You need to go live in Russia or China for awhile. A few months of that would be enough to cure the liberal bilge that fills your cranium.

  12. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    Your comment on the Bible is just plain wrong. Textual criticism has shown it to be incredibly accurate. Do you not think that the media would jump at the chance to discredit Gods Word? Trust me, if it could be done they would have made sure that everyone around the globe knew it. Your civil rights comment is just more liberal bilge. Civil rights has never been threatened by the Republican party. The democrats just use that empty charge to play the race card. Repeat a lie often enough and …..

  13. Angel Loneheart says:

    I am referring to the people that wish to free other countries by conquering them. I am referring to the people that warn us about removing public prayer from schools though Jesus told them to not prey in the open but in secret. I am referring to the people that claim that they are being suppressed when they are not allowed to suppress minorities and much more. You may claim this as all liberal propaganda but don’t forget that God hates a liar.

  14. Angel Loneheart says:

    I am referring to the people that do not care about the sick, the old and the poor. I am also referring to the group that boo’s gay soldiers and deny’s them marriage while trying to enforce their religious beliefs and hate on them while at the same time telling them that they only hate the sin and not the sinner. I am referring to the people that are trying to control women’s rights to their bodies and wish to remove birth control from insurance while keeping Viagra on insurance. (Continued)

  15. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    You didn’t identify the group which you refer to. I’d like to know who you are speaking of.

  16. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    Wishing for the good old days? Is this a reference to Reagan? Have you not heard the saying ” those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”? Why would anyone seek a different solution for the U.S. when the perfect model exists for America already? Did you know that during the 80’s, Reagans policies resulted in 92 consecutive months of non-recession prosperity which is still a peace time record? Did you also know that Obama is following a course exactly opposite the one Reagan took?

  17. Angel Loneheart says:

    I only see one group of people that have truly gone against God and that the people who have proven themselves incapable of following Christ’s teachings.

  18. Angel Loneheart says:

    Seriously, why don’t you actually do something about it instead of just complaining and blaming others all of the time? All I hear is you whining and wishing for the good old days. So your evil right wing side lost to the evil left wing side, boo freaking hoo! So what, both wings belong to the same monster anyways! I never liked either one to begin with and only chose the less of two evils, but you, like a good old sheeple attack me anyways! I have no more interest in talking to you anymore.

  19. orderofmelchizedek1 says:

    This is what you and others who think like you do not get. You speak of “stealing from the less fortunate” and “you do realize the USA is considered…) (born with a silver spoon” and on and on. The thing you don’t realize is that none of this has anything to do with how to fix the problems that plague our country. It’s just empty liberal rhetoric, nothing more. If you’re interested, Ronald Reagan came in with worse problems than Obama and DID fix it. His policies brought historic prosperity.


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