How Stupid are republicans? – Politics Informer Video

A quick trip that explains the level of stupidity of republican voters who vote for a party that attacks their very interests to favor the tiniest sliver of American society, the top 2%, of which less than 2% of the gop’s votes come from. republican voters are so stupid they vote for the very people responsible for destroying Our economy and bankrupting Our financial industries, as well as working against individual Americans while favoring the Corporations, all since they heard the buzz words “christian,” “Patriot” and “Family Values,” even though none of those words apply yo any gop politicians. More appropriate words to define and describe republican politicians are Racist, Sexist, Criminal and Kook, also closet gays and morons.
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15 Responses to “How Stupid are republicans? – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Beatnikzombie says:

    That was pretty funny.

  2. PolicyOfDenial says:

    You didn’t cover all 57 states.

  3. mccainisthroughX says:

    LOL! How do you spell stoopud, “gop.” Have a Great Holiday Season!

  4. mccainisthroughX says:

    LOL! Yes, reality, it’s fun.

  5. dasy mae smithe says:

    this is stupid i is from misissipi and we is smarter than yall californa wak jobs wantin gay rites and poor people to get helthcare. get a job and you get helthcare cuss it is a privalage not rite. i cant believe yall thanks everyone should have teh same rights. we is all diferent and i work way to hard rasing my 6 kids so i shuld get moore rites than yall lazy demmorcrats wannting fre helthcare.

  6. dasy mae smithe says:

    i is so sick of yall godles demmocrats pollutin this countires freedums. yall want aborsions even for raped if you is rapped it was god plan and yous keep that baby. and yall want gays to have rites? wat, that crazy godd mad adam and eve not adam and steve. and the poor should get jobs no goverment handouts. i rase 6 kid and i cant get no food stamps cuss yall libtards keep lettin foriners com and obama aint even american he is from kenya and a terorist sociallist. stupid dems

  7. mccainisthroughX says:

    Idiots need more examples, you’re too dumb to accept reality, like actual election poll numbers; ROI of $10,000 invested in S&P during the last 35 years with gop Kooks in Our White House, POINT 4%, and under Democrat Presidents over the exact same 35 years, 8.9%, 20 times better. Jobs created under gop cultists in 28 years, 24 million, under Democrats in 22 years, 42 million. ROI for Our DOW over 28 years, gop Kooks 109%, Dems 992%, and Income Growth, with gop Kooks POINT 6%, Dems 2.2%. Reality.

  8. mccainisthroughX says:

    No, this is actual material collected from religious cultists, they call themselves “republicans,” you know, the cult that makes the false claims about being “the defense guys,” with Unelected War Criminal bush, and a 6-year, 3-way gop cult majority, who ignored the August 6 PDB titled “bin Laden determined to strike inside US,” and them remained on vacation for 3 more weeks, after saying “OK, you covered your asses,” and collapsed Our entire economy. The gop IS “The Stupids,” period.

  9. BigWillieDude says:

    This crap is so ridiculous. There are stupid people in every political party. There are just stupid people in general.

  10. mccainisthroughX says:

    Yes, it is. Thanks for posting too! Be Well!

  11. mccainisthroughX says:

    Learn how to spell “Retarded” kid. republicans, you’re as bright as Turkey Feces, no offense intended to Turkey Feces.

  12. mccainisthroughX says:

    Damn right! Great days are afoot! Be Well!

  13. mccainisthroughX says:

    Yes, facts are just a nuisance to the gop’s Fantasy World, where Global Warming and Science are “hoaxes,” and a 2,000-year-old book of vile, murderous and primitive fiction, is “reality” to the simple-minded Kooks. Be Well!

  14. mccainisthroughX says:

    True. republicans are a cult of terrorists who are sexist and racist, and of no positive value at all. Thankfully they’re dying off like fleas in alcohol. Be Well!

  15. Vishal Patel says:

    funny but true


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