Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody) – Politics Informer Video

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  1. He’s actually a better person than Obama, he shows more humility and devotes more time and resources helping the poor than BO. Just because he’s been successful and made a lot of money does not mean he’s a bad guy, you’re just a stupid uninformed socialist bastard. Please read a book…

  2. hello, please go to my channel and watch my videos i started making videos and i could use some viewers i know this is unprofessional and im sorry, but i could use the feed back. thank you:)

  3. i did not call myself slow, i called you slow; you have just solidified that statement. that tribalist, collectivist mindset you just presented me with is disgusting. people like you are the reason that obama and romney were candidates in the first place, the reason why the system of the two party dictatorship still thrives today, even in our immense wealth of simply-accessed knowledge.


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