Tea Party Defeated – The Madness Will End – Politics Informer Video

“It should be a warning sign when your case for why polls are underestimating your party’s strength is that fewer people will actually vote than pollsters project. If your party’s fate depends on fewer Americans participating in our democracy, perhaps you have a popularity problem. It’s not just that Mitt Romney lost, as did several Republican Senate candidates who should have won easily. The election was a victory for all kinds of big city liberal values: Weed was legalized. So was gay marriage. The rape apologist candidates lost. The first openly gay woman was elected to the Senate. The first black president was reelected — on a platform of Obamacare, immigration, and raising taxes. On the Republican side, the most energetic part of the party is also the most opposed to these ideals. While the Tea Party won Republicans a majority in the House in 2010, election night 2012 showed the party’s message is toxic at the national and statewide levels. While house races are local in character, Senate and presidential races are held statewide. And that is where the Tea Party did worst last night. Tea Partier Richard Mourdock picked off moderate Republican Sen. Dick Lugar in the Indiana primary, and then lost the election. Todd Akin proved he really was too conservative for Missouri, as Sen. Claire McCaskill claimed in primary ads intended to trick Republican voters into picking him as her opponent. Three other Tea Partying Senate candidates met the same fate in 2010. But while

17 Responses to “Tea Party Defeated – The Madness Will End – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Iybraesil says:

    He’s actually Agnostic, but don’t let facts get in the way

  2. UDSS says:

    The Tea Party was founded by rich capitalists and racists. They were made by the rich to spread hate against Obama because he is colored. Tea Party Republicans lost and that is good, but Obama and his right-wing Democrats are not alternative. We need socialism and workers democracy, not liberalism, or social democracy.

  3. tony671 says:

    you do know this is all crap your talking.fuckin crazy person bet you watch

  4. gurke860 says:

    Do you support an islamist? Are you crazy?

  5. gurke860 says:

    He’s a liar. You don’t understand him, because you don’t have the problems with muslims like we have in Europe. You don’t see the problem. I’ll show you it.

  6. derail14 says:

    The gop self desructed by letting the teabaggers take over the gop, yea we heard thier teabag message for the past 4 yrs and we did not like it, but cenk should have said yhes do let the door hit you in your sorry asses on the way OUT! they can all now go and cry to fox, glen beck, or any other moron who will side with them, you assholes go yher butts kicked, ha ha enjoy!

  7. mordenkainen88 says:

    You’re a disgusting waste. The notion that anyone would want to destroy our country because you lost an election sickens me.

    We put up with eight years of a retard cowboy in the White House. After that, you can eat anything and smile though it. I’d vote for a George Soros/Satan ticket, just to spite you all.

    The irony? That ticket would still have a less evil VP than Bush/Cheney.

  8. Merceratus11 says:

    fuck you

  9. Vin Xito says:

    the Tea Party is made up of true Americans. Obama is the most anti American president in history. but none of you want to know who he really is .you only listen to the bias media. but don’t worry a second Civil War is on the horizon .

  10. logan0178 says:

    To be fair, they already treat gays as 2nd class citizens. If they had their way gays would be in death camps with the coloreds.

  11. Yuko Asho says:

    Indeed. We should keep them propped up so that they can give us the white house again in 2016. Whether it’s Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, they’ll very likely enjoy having wingnuts draining Republican resources.

  12. monokhem says:

    Hitler was attacked for his principles too. Sometimes having certain principles just makes you an asshole.

  13. Treblaine says:

    reported for spam.

  14. GeoS260 says:

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  15. OIcIm2yy4u says:

    Waaaaaaaaaa. Go home and cry to your preacher, ding dong Republicans. I wish reincarnation was, and Akin, Murdock, Limbo, O-really, Sanitorium and the rest of the American Taliban could be reborn as women in the Middle East or Ireland, and married men who exercised their “legal rights” to keep them spitting out babies like watermelon seeds. Scary MFers.

  16. bird916 says:

    you’re done son!! LOL

  17. willisequalsfun says:

    The People’s Choice Elbow!  Barack Obama hit those clowns with the People’s Choice Elbow!


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