Republicans Still Blocking Violence Against Women Act – Politics Informer Video

“If Republicans have been chastened by losing the women’s vote last week by the widest margin in modern history, they have a funny way of showing it. House GOP leaders aren’t yielding to a bipartisan coalition of Senate leaders demanding they extend the protections of the Violence Against Women Act — an anti-domestic abuse bill that was first passed with broad support in 1994 but hit a brick wall of Republican opposition earlier this year. “Nothing has changed,” a senior GOP aide told TPM. “The House has passed a bill, we are ready to move to conference, and the Speaker has announced his conferees. We are waiting on Senate Democrats to follow suit and act.”* The Violence Against Women Act needs to be passed in order to fight back against domestic violence. It was thought that after the election, Republicans might end their stalemate and support the act, but nothing has changed. Why such hardline opposition? John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) and Lisa Fergusson (Current TV) discuss. *Read more from Sahil Kapur/ Talking Points Memo: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Support The Young Turks by Shopping Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:

22 Responses to “Republicans Still Blocking Violence Against Women Act – Politics Informer Video”

  1. thefakeyeti says:

    “it’s ONLY the companies who had slaves BOTH white and black who should contribute”
    Again, you are for punishing one generation for a LEGAL action another generation partook in..

    MAYBE.. MAYBE, the society as a WHOLE should have paid AT THE TIME for allowing such atrocities to occur. But I don’t believe in punishing someone for partaking in a action legally, that was deemed later to be immoral..

    There are laws against punishing people for doing a legal action yesterday, which is illegal today

  2. Leedark3 says:

    Eating too much is a choice, should insurance refuse to pay for bypass after a heart attack? Smoking is a choice, should insurance refuse to pay for cancer treatment? For that matter, since choices we make often contribute to cancer risk, should insurance refuse to pay for all cancer treatment? Sex is a choice, as you said, so they should refuse to pay for pregnancy and STD treatment, too? What would be the point of insurance?

  3. LuigiKatze says:

    I would :P

  4. 150133 says:

    I wouldn’t call Obama black, but okay…

  5. くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金一億譲ります says:


  6. emojefferyisagaylord says:

    Amen! A woman who gets it! If only there were more like you.

  7. Elizabeth George says:

    In 32 states, if a man rapes a woman and she becomes pregnant, he still has custody rights. Happy now, misogynists?

  8. Dion Laurent says:

    The people who’s family got their riches off of the backs of slaves and are still rich to this day should be held accountable. Would you say that the children of rich people shouldn’t get a dime of their parent’s assets? If the Native Americans did that, (which they can’t) who are we to stop them? I personally think it would be a good idea to separate the races any way and return what belongs to each race that was pondered and stolen. But that’s just a fantasy.

  9. Tokuiten22 says:

    and don’t tell me child support it about the “well being of the child” The man was raped, so the woman should go to jail and the child to a foster home (unless the man wishes to keep the child). The woman should not escape jail, which often happens in these cases. Even worse, the child should not be growing up with a rapist as a parent; It sickens me to think of what might happen to that child.

  10. Tokuiten22 says:

    for all those who say misandry doesn’t exist how about this: If a women rapes a man and the woman becomes pregnant, the man has to pay for child support (even if the victim is underage, the most extreme case I’ve heard being of a 12 year old boy) Whereas if a man rapes a woman, she can have an abortion irregardless of the man’s wishes or circumstances. Are you happy now, feminists?

  11. Tokuiten22 says:

    Reparation is a bad idea. why should some people who have done nothing wrong, give to people who did not receive the discrimination, simply because of a crime their ancestors committed? Look at New Zealand: the govt. started giving out reparations to the Maoris, and now they’re claiming rights to the water, beaches, and pretty much all the land there is. What if the Native Americans reclaimed the Americas and ejected all non-natives? would it be their “due reparation” for an unjust settlement?

  12. Tokuiten22 says:

    feminism differs from other civil rights movement because though the colour of your skin doesn’t change the way you think, gender does (statistically). Gender entails biological differences, so when feminists shout “misogyny!” there is usually no sexism at all, just the reality of life as a human. If anything, our society has become misandric in the wake of extreme feminism; if you haven’t seen it already, watch “Its only sexist when men do it” on youtube (by TheAmazingAthiest).

  13. Tokuiten22 says:

    actually men are being marginalized thanks to the fanatic feminist extremists in the world, and yes they are being oppressed. Also to have an innocent person be convicted is 100 times worse than to have a guilty person go free, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t understand the purpose or execution of the judicial system.

  14. Ray Kawamura says:

    Thank you! I’m glad to hear that from a woman’s perspective! Although I still think the Violence Against Women act is a step in the right direction, I think it should be extended to everyone, male and female. Being gay myself, I of course am biased, and I’d like to see gay men and women protected as well, but like you say, it should extend to everyone.

  15. Dion Laurent says:

    Um, where in my comment did I say that? Sorry, but I didn’t say that. If anything, it’s ONLY the companies who had slaves, BOTH white and Black who should contribute. And not just to Black people. Because Blacks weren’t the only slaves. “Sorry, but two wrongs do not make a right.” Well in a perfect world, you would be right, but in reality, we are all about retaliation. Those who let others walk all over them become targets.

  16. Dion Laurent says:

    “Well, not every women is like that” That’s a typical NAWALT deflection. It may be true, but most are. “I mean yeah, we can have sex anytime we want (but we can’t have sex with a really hot guy anytime we want)!” Well, I wasn’t talking about hot guys, I was talking about guys in general. Men don’t even have the luxury of being able to have sex with ugly or average women whenever they want. Slut shaming isn’t worse, it’s just as bad. You just think it’s worst because it happens to women

  17. XHeavensEclipse says:

    Are you a feminist by any chance?

  18. Elizabeth George says:

    White, heterosexual men an be oppressed if they are trans*, disabled, poor, etc. But otherwise, yeah pretty much. Look at the people who hold power in society. They are mostly white, straight, able bodied, cis, rich men. They are not oppressed.

  19. XHeavensEclipse says:

    So basically what you’re saying is,the only group of people that can’t be oppressed are white heterosexual males. You really are something else.

  20. Elizabeth George says:

    yes, women can rape men, I don’t think I ever denied that. And I just said that men can be oppressed, but if they are, its not because they’re men, its because they belong to another oppressed group (such as people of color, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer men, disabled men, men under the poverty line, etc.).

  21. XHeavensEclipse says:

    “Talk to the many men and women whose rapists” Now we talking about men and women rapist or just men? Once again you refuse to acknowledge that men can be oppressed

  22. Elizabeth George says:

    Talk to the many men and women whose rapists will NEVER face punishment for the destruction they’re brought upon their victim’s lives, and then talk to me. Men are just as commonly falsely convicted of murder. Being accused of a crime =/=rape, though it may lead to it, unfortunately). What may happen to those men if they go to jail is HORRIBLE. And btw, OPPRESSION happens to MARGINALIZED groups, which men, as a group, are not (though there are men who fit into marginalized groups in other ways).


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