An Increasingly Polarized Nation

Gerald Seib: “Based on nearly complete results, of the 234 Republicans elected to the House, just 15 come from districts that the Democratic president carried… Of 201 Democrats elected, just nine come from districts Republican Mitt Romney carried… Not only are House members coming from reliably partisan districts, many are winning in landslides. In this fall’s election, 125 House members — 42 Republicans and 83 Democrats — won their districts with 70% or more of the vote…”

“The situation is similar in the Senate. There will be 45 Republican senators in the new Congress. Only 10 of them come from states President Obama won. There will be 55 Democrats and independents who caucus with Democrats. Just 11 of them come from states Mr. Romney won…”

“Voting in that presidential race, meanwhile, was starkly partisan. President Obama won the votes of just 6% of Republicans, exit polls indicate. Mr. Romney won just 7% of Democrats.”

New York Times: “Of the 234 House Republicans who will sit in the 113th Congress, 85
percent won re-election with 55 percent of the vote; more than half of
next year’s House Republican Conference won more than 60 percent. And
virtually every one of them ran on holding the line against tax
increases and the Obama agenda.”

Full News here – Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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