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Editor of Europes Largest Magazine Der Spiegel on Why Obama is The Worlds President, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Media and More Hamburg is home to Der Spiegel, the largest circulation news magazine in Europe. After Barack Obama won the presidential election in the United States, Der Spiegel had him on its cover with the headline President of the World. We speak with Mathias Müller Von Blumencron, editor-in-chief of Der Spiegel.
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  1. SeniorClub08 says:

    No, is he not. We know what your “nickname” means.

  2. ZantaRap says:

    ubama xD

  3. San Marino says:

    Never. Jews and Germans are great friends. It is not the problem. It is the Asian businesses that dominate German market. The Chinese are copying German auto-makers like crazy. Not stopping Asian invasion, means not winning in the home-market. Nothing less serious cannot be imagined.

  4. Kyle Simonson says:

    Centre-left? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG WTF?!?!?! This magazine is so biased in anti-americanism that it makes Fox News look like NPR!

  5. MrSkycity007 says:









    heil hitler

  6. runr100 says:

    How’s that “Big hope about change” now? Obama is the worst president the US has ever had! Wake up, Deutschland; socialism doesn’t work. Governments shouldn’t search people without their permission, force them to support a terrible health care plan or tax them into poverty. Governments should protect the private property rights of their people. Obama does just the opposite. Please stop supporting our dictator.

  7. tubeyou9878 says:

    when will Germans tell the Jews to fuck off and quit sending people to your jails for questioning the holocaust? Germany was screwed WWI was over and Jews got America into the war and Germany lost and this allowed Communism to be born. Then defended them 22 years later. Germany tried t destroy Communism. But the Jews would have brought in anyo e. If America couldn’t get it done, then they would have called on the Chinese.

  8. petergreifers says:

    Typical slow speach^^german

  9. 12hkelly says:

    These folks see America in a CIVIL WAR SOON REAL SOON

  10. goody1990 says:

    im from germany and my cousins live in the us, i personaly think obama wanted to do more but wasn able to cause the republicans blocked his politics in every way they could

  11. 5lkk says:

    Gotta cover Condi;s boob, LOL. I wonder what my German cousins think about Obama now 2 years later?

  12. KarlheinzSchelker says:

    The host’s voice is difficult to listen to.


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