Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then Prime Minister of India, addresses a Joint Session of the US Congress – Politics Informer Video

In 2000, then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, made an official visit to the United States of America [USA], between the 7th to the 19th of September. As part of his engagement there, he was invited to address a joint session of the US Congress. Prior to him, in 1994, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, then incumbent Prime Minister of India, too addressed a similar joint session, considered to be a gesture for honouring visiting dignitaries in America. Prime Minister Vajpayee was the only foreign leader to do so during 106th session of the US Congress. Transcripts of his speech Video courtesy: C-Span Moi Blog: AA Me, IN YouTube Channel: Luptonga

24 Responses to “Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then Prime Minister of India, addresses a Joint Session of the US Congress – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Hari K says:

    This Americans wouldn’t have understood anything when he was talking about Terrorism at that time. They came to know about is Islamic terrorism only after 09/11 until then they were licking pakis back.

  2. abhinabchoudhury says:

    I could very well see a slave language being mixed with foul words to depict the nature of a person whose name is taken with respect till date by all members of any political party. Your language speaks more about what you are yourself. Grab a beer. Chill out. BUT JUST DON’T come here uttering disrespectful words for some one who is respected by your Mother and Father as well.

  3. tovishal2001 says:

    he was immature. A FDI lover idiot. He promised “swaraj”, but sold out nation to FDI singapore style. No developed nation opened economy for foreign printed money. All of them used “local-printed” notes to grow economy and opened only after becoming developed. BJP is a chutiya party and congress is worse. Its a fact – Indian elites are all slaves of English nations.

  4. Seetharaman Srivatsan says:

    diggy raja disagreed with this video

  5. Verma Rinku says:

    awesome yaar

  6. Shree Prakash Dubey says:

    very very good bajpayee is the great leader of world

  7. moinshek says:

    Wish he spoken in Hindi…graceful leader…m a Muslim n respect atalji

  8. rohitkumarindia says:


  9. vic86m says:

    It doesn’t matter how he looks. Unless you are attracted to men! :p

  10. Vivek Mishra says:

    Nah, but you sure do

  11. toya mie says:

    he looks like a fool

  12. shwetank johri says:

    who could deslike this video?

  13. abhinabchoudhury says:

    This man had the spark which BJP will lack for ever. I can definitely say BJP won under the name of AB Bajpayee and it was not Sir Bajpayee wining under the name of BJP. It is very disheartening to see this light last only for a few years. If we would have been able to retain Him, I guess India at this time would have been different – Both Economically and Politically.

  14. bonbdb says:

    Take a Bow Mr. Prime Minister!

  15. bonbdb says:

    Paul Ryan at 11:24 Niceeeee

  16. Rajendra Chaudhary says:

    why atal ji’s hand are shaking….and looking less confident

  17. sanch4i says:

    did someone else notice how uncontrollably his hands are shaking while turning the pages ..
    respect othervise

  18. wins203 says:

    thanks for the upload

  19. Prasadhotel Jaunpur says:


  20. Satish Gupta says:

    Grate grate leader after Gandhi mahatama. – Engr . Satish Gupta , Agra

  21. Sasta Vyapaar says:

    For Mumbaikar’s only ww w.onlinevyapaar.weebly.c om

  22. Narayan Parab says:

    great leader

  23. Mayank Sharma says:

    What a leader he was! “My government” is something only he can speak of!! imagine Manmohan singh saying the same;

  24. supercop007 says:

    awesome dude.nice work.keep it up bro.


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