Donna Brazile: Susan Rice Was “Attacked Viciously”

CNN strategists Donna Brazile and David Frum discuss Amb. Susan Rice's withdrawal from consideration as secretary of state.

BRAZILE: President Obama has not even made his intentions known yet. For two months, she's been attacked viciously. I've been in Washington for 30 years, so I understand the attack game, but she was attacked for her qualifications and she was bludgeoned over Benghazi before we have any information that is going to come from Ambassador Pickering. I think it's unfair, I thought the attacks were gratuitous. I thought it was mean-spirited, this is the old boys network. As you can tell, I don't like it. Susan Rice is more than qualified to hold a position.

I wish the president would have went forward and women like myself, perhaps some good men like David [Frum], would've found reasons to support her. I understand that there is a partisan nature to this, and the Republicans are having an issue with her, but this is a very well qualified woman and she should of had the job.

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