The Tea Party – Psychopomp – Politics Informer Video

The Tea Party - Psychopomp

“HD”: “The music video was shot live in the MuchMusic CHUM-City Building in Toronto, before and during their Intimate & Interactive performance in May 1998. “Psychopomp” is a reworking of a composition called “Something More” that Jeff Burrows and Jeff Martin wrote as teenagers.” (Wikipedia) Psychopomp-Video of the show (Intimate & Interactive) “only”:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “The Tea Party – Psychopomp – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Jolz Knowz says:

    Oh my Jeff Martin u r soo sexy… Just yum.

  2. Ubeydullah İndiroğlu says:

    Wow, Jeff is feeling it to death here. Extremely passionate vocals, may be the best live version of Psychopomp ever.

  3. supermanvenom2 says:

    I just keep playing this song over and over

  4. Ryan Craig says:

    Had the cassette for edges of twilight, listened to it walking to Jr High almost every day, played it so much that I had to replace the cassette twice. Transmission was one of the first CD’s I bought and I remember how excited I was at the prospect of never having to replace it, no matter how many times I listened to it. These kids will never understand.

  5. erosianexile says:

    Where can I get this track so I can listen to it on repeat, all day, every day and night, like I have been doing with the album version of this song for two years?

  6. erosianexile says:

    I could EAT IT! All day and all night.

  7. Hannah Sweat says:

    This always gives me chills… amazing.

  8. Mat Dynon says:

    That was unreal, love the musicality of it and the dynamics are awesome. I know it’s been overstated but I just see Jim when I look at him, but hey if that get’s people in the door, great! Because they can then discover his awesome voice set to an epic musical landscape which far surpasses anything at the top end of the charts these days, but I guess that’s not too hard is it?

  9. ViralBerserker says:

    play this simultaniously

  10. melody francis says:

    I cannot stress enough, this song is amazing. The fucking Tea Party is amazing itself.

  11. HesseBlanco says:

    This band is amazing. I have seen so many live shows of all types of music for years and years and seeing The Tea Party headline Edgefest 98 (or 99 maybe) in Van was one amazing show. Nothing can really touch it. This song in built up layer after layer into this immense wall of crystal clear sound and when I looked around me, 40,000 ppl were completely dumbfounded, slack jaw gawking. Unreal.

  12. Freak0809 says:

    Saw them live last night and they were fantastic. This is my favorite song by The Tea Party and seeing it performed live was mind blowing.

  13. bluegreybaby says:

    I was there!

  14. Irene Chlopicki says:

    just finished this amazing bands REFORMATION aussie tour .. wowowow…..better than ever. ..see them from aug 21 playing canada .

  15. Sam Pique says:

    One the best rock band still rocking these days! Saw them years ago in Ottawa they deliver the goods, real musician compare to the bieber and all!

  16. 129Johanna says:

    where do I find the lyrics…?

  17. Zelda Sheldon says:

    How delicious is Jeff Martin’s baritone voice from Canadian band The Tea Party. His voice reminds me a lot of the gorgeous low tones that Jim Morrison of the Doors especially thinking of vocals in Riders On the Storm. Love it!! My baritone singing students LOVE this singer!

  18. TheSwingsloth says:

    I hope I have some spare cash laying about so I can see them when they tour Australia again.

  19. Tara Luchner says:


  20. digitalbladeca says:

    Man, I never heard of the Tea Party until I came to Canada 10 years ago and as soon as I heard them I felt like I found something that’s been missing my whole life. They are still one of my favourite acts of all time, their music is on another level, beyond description. I saw them live only once at Toronto Rocks, one of the best shows I’ve been to

  21. Periklis Arnaoutis says:

    who is Rebecca Black ? O.o lol

  22. Dora28495 says:

    So in love with his voice..!


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