Fox News: Democrats Good at Watching Americans Die – Politics Informer Video

–Regular Fox News guest Michael Scheuer says Democrats are very good at watching Americans die. –On the Bonus Show: David & Louis’ storm stories and Hurricane prep, man gets Romney tattoo on his face, unreleased Google phone left at bar, more… How do you get the Bonus Show? Become a member: If you liked this clip of The David Pakman Show, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends… and hit that “like” button! Become a Member Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Get TDPS Gear: 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: Broadcast on October 29, 2012
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22 Responses to “Fox News: Democrats Good at Watching Americans Die – Politics Informer Video”

  1. flanksteak2 says:

    “Democrats didn’t start these wars”

    Jesus fucking christ. What unsophisticated little twerps. 

  2. flanksteak2 says:

    Do your parents know that you guys sneak onto their webcam and make political shows when they aren’t home?

  3. uastudy says:

    Obama, Clinton, Panetta, Patreaus…all sat by while Americans died in Benghazi. Obama and Holder stood by while border agent Brian Terry was murdered with guns they allowed to cross the border with their blessing. Obama bombs Yemen and Pakistan, while claiming no missiles should rain down on…It’s time the American people realize we’re being ruled by a bunch of psychopaths.

  4. jRedTree85 says:

    You would have been at home as a reporter working for Pravda during the Soviet era. You’re a perfect example of the post-male, chicken-necked liberal ushering in your own demise.

  5. Kaynowcow says:

    ” Republicans are good at watching other republicans lie”

  6. kurd55 says:

    Whatever, tea-bagger.

  7. tjmilbu says:

    The President did nothing, and those people died. No amount of cursing or foul language will change that. Bush is long gone so its long past time to take the training wheels off and call it for what it is.

  8. tjmilbu says:

    It makes sense that you cannot comprehend what the man is saying. He is speaking withing the context of history. In this particular case, the president knew at 11 pm Benghazi time that the consulate was under attack. The last two men didn’t die until 6 hours later after nothing was done to help them. It needs explanation, and none has been forthcoming. Typical, never did anything, never been anywhere, never shouldered responsibility punk comments you have made here.

  9. Edward Stotts says:

    My father watches Fox News Channel a lot & he can say, “Fox News Channel does the hiring but, the Republican Party runs it.”

  10. FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 says:

    3 numbers: 911

  11. Brunoburgh says:

    you are kind of sad you know that, and by the way just because you can open a thesaurus doesn’t make you smart :P

  12. srtor says:

    One word: BUSH. GOP is so afraid of it, they even declined to invite BUSH to GOP convention. That shows it!!

  13. gkparks1 says:

    I click into this because Fox News is in the title, then I see the androgynous dweeb and reaslize it’s another capon ragging on his betters.

  14. laz2thedouble says:

    All class coming from the right still lol

  15. Krisesakes says:


  16. MClown69 says:

    Says the party of 9/11. 3,000+ deaths if you count the rescuers! 4,000 in a war for fake wmd’s and I am not counting Afghanistan! Come back when Obama loses more lives then that then you can lecture him on safety!

  17. metalreign81 says:

    both parties failed on Iraq

    many cowardly dems voted for the resolution

  18. kaolor052979 says:

    Yes who sent those troops?

  19. tacojohn9 says:

    No one is watching our soldiers die on TV because Americans don’t care anymore. WAKE UP AMERICA! IF YOU ARE GOING TO SEND TROOPS INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY, YOU SHOULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING THERE.

  20. shittyfagg says:

    What does he even mean?

  21. TDPSJack says:

    I’ve always wondered if Scheuer wasnt a little bit nuts. I think this confirms it.

  22. GenerationXeroFilms says:

    I’d love to watch him die.


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