THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE – OBAMA VS ROMNEY – DEMOCRATS VS REPUBLICANS – Politics Informer Video Every single American should watch this video and pass it on to every person until the entire county understands that we are presented with an illusion of choice. Both Obama and Romney are funded by same lobbyists. Both have the same exact views on all topics of significance. Both blatantly lied to the public for years and have gotten away with it. Both will drive our great country into the ground if elected.


  1. outopos says:

    What if you could start a sentence in a different way?

  2. gearlockT says:

    great video, thanks for sharing!

  3. markc1234golf says:

    You ARE in the matrix !!

  4. JamieDix2 says:

    How long you think til this video disappears?

  5. MrZshah5424 says:

    what if this is all dream? what if we are all in the matrix?

  6. SUPERVOID100 says:

    I would, but the illuminati runs my Google account.

  7. Karl Wiley says:

    Does anyone know where the speech that starts at 11:52 is from? That says it all right there.

  8. dabikes says:

    Excellent video..Money talks know the rest..

  9. FiatBurner says:

    I’ll be voting GARYJOHNSON and the Libertarian Party.

  10. Cynthia Jackson says:

    You still haven’t heard the truth on Fox. You just heard what you wanted to hear. That’s totally different from the truth!

  11. Stephen Mullane says:

    Gov Gary Johnson 2012

  12. fatigued36 says:

    exactly why they fired judge Napolitano, fox doesnt like real patriots..

  13. dockidds says:

    I’m starting a NEW Political party, to run against the others in November. Join Me.!!! See my channels newest video for details.!!!

  14. seriouslyfunnymovie says:

    The illuminati runs everything follow my blog with your Google account…

  15. PETEtheTRAINER says:

    Napolitano spoke of the Power, he woke up millions who thought “SLAVE GAME” There’s been NO (Real) Judges since 1878 in America..!
    A NON- elite, get’s a Judged, Statute & Acts trial in a fancy Admiralty/Maritime corporate Court (Room). The “ACTING Judges” are private corporate employee-Administrators, MINUS “a presented Judge’s Sworn & Written OATH OF OFFICE) and like MOST corporations it’s about boosting the most profits, and invested profits gets you further up the POWER ladder etc.

  16. HuskerSeaofRed says:

    How so?

  17. Libertiesweapon says:

    Carlin was not an atheist, but I think Jesus might have been.


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