Maddow – Republicans Begin Purging The Crazy – Politics Informer Video

Mind control, mysterious black people, and the GOP. Republican state senators in Georgia attended a four-hour closed door briefing last month in which they were told that President Barack Obama and the United Nations are using “mind-control” practices to force through a land use agenda. The briefing, organized by state Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), consisted of a presentation by birther activist Field Searcy regarding Agenda 21, a sustainability plan adopted by the United Nations in 1992. During the briefing, part of which was recorded by Better Georgia, an Atlanta-based watchdog group, Searcy accused the UN of using socialist practices to force a relocation of Americans from suburbs into cities, and seeking to implement mandatory contraception to curb population growth, Mother Jones reported. Rogers, who has pushed anti-Agenda 21 legislation in the past, did not seek reelection as majority leader during a GOP caucus meeting on Thursday. Searcy, who had a falling out with a Tea Party group earlier this year, told state senators that the UN and Obama are using mind-control techniques to push the plan, which does not have the force of law in the United States. Mother Jones reports Searcy’s comments: They do that by a process known as the Delphi technique. The Delphi technique was developed by the Rand Corporation during the Cold War as a mind-control technique. It’s also known as “consensive process.” But basically the goal of the Delphi technique is to

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  1. deetjay1 says:

    This is just too rich…OMG…Like a plot right out of the “Manchurian Candidate”! The brand new GOP/Tea Party is getting more and more loony…I keep hearing an old “Door’s” song rolling through my memory…”People Are Strange”…They didn’t know the brand new GOP, though…

  2. qynsar says:

    The craziest thing I ever seen is a federal goverment being 17 trillion $ in debt and then the president proposes a budget that spends over a trillion more in deficit spending.Some republicans have proposed a balanced budget and that is completely insane especially when all dems and rep use the tax code to give favors to corporations and or lobbyists from various groups for campaign contributions and jobs if they don’t get elected.The democrats are screwing you as well, you are being fooled.

  3. Elroy Foster says:

    Could it be? Are the dinosaurs finally coming to the party? Learning that it is adapt or die now? Crazy shit just aint gonna fly? It seems so unlike them to notice something like that

  4. SouthernStargazer says:

    About freakin time!

  5. gggreggg says:

    how stupid the Mainer is!!! if you want to perpetrate fraud, you would do something subtle—not something to draw attention.

  6. star50ify says:

    Well where is Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W Bush all war criminals.

  7. RepublicansAreNazis says:

    Republicans are the rectum of humanity! This country can’t afford them to shit out anymore racist ignorant self proclaimed patriots! Let’s flush these teaTURDS down permanently!!!

  8. imaginepeace63 says:

    Republicans have mind control. Right wing radio, Fox news, etc. All of that is mind control.

  9. baldurus1 says:

    Must… vote… Nixon…!
    Crap, back to the drawing board.

  10. Fox250R says:

    I was watching maddow yesterday and she was talking about storms getting bigger all over the world…. Im having trouble finding it! Could you look for it and post it please? Thank you

  11. VysetheTard says:



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