Krauthammer: If “Plan B” Fails, Boehner’s “Plan C” Is The Mayan Apocalypse

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The vote here is all about establishing an argument. That's all it is about. And what Boehner will say — he said it in the clip you showed — is the president hasn't offered anything. What he's offering, what he spoke about yesterday in the news conference where he said 'I've offered a balanced plan,' is a swindle. There's nothing but essentially tax hikes. And not only revenue hikes but increases in rates, where the Republicans have caved, as Obama himself has said. Boehner himself has admitted. And they have gotten nothing of any importance, any significance, on spending — whether discretionary and nothing on entitlements of any importance.

So what he's doing by passing "Plan B" is to say we're ready to do exactly what the president has said he wants to do. He says I campaigned on taxing, raising the rates on millionaires. Well the definition of a millionaire is a guy who makes a million dollars a year, that's exactly what we're passing. So, the president has no argument to justify a veto or the Senate rejection of this. And I think that is a smart move because they're going to lose either way and at least he can now say in resisting the swindle — the deal he offered is a swindle, I can't see him accepting it if the president isn't going to move — at least he can say we gave the president what he wanted and what he said he campaigned on.

I'll just add one thing. If the "Plan B" does not succeed, if he fails in the House, Boehner has a "Plan C." That's the Mayan apocalypse tomorrow.

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