Richard Tisei: Not Your Typical Ad, Not Your Typical Politician – Politics Informer Video

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25 Responses to “Richard Tisei: Not Your Typical Ad, Not Your Typical Politician – Politics Informer Video”

  1. EpicureMammon says:

    How else would we have known if it was nice or not?! I neeeeeded that clarification.

  2. wayne388 says:

    One more thing. That woman’s voice at the end of the ad was off-putting.

  3. wayne388 says:

    This ad shows me that you took the race for granted, and that’s why you lost. Sucks for you.

  4. person661982 says:

    I used to vacation here every summer with my father when I was growing up. I haven’t been in 15 years or so. Watching this commercial was strangely emotional for me. Stupid as it sounds, had I seen this commercial before election day it might have influenced my decision.

  5. CausticPizza says:

    Now I want a blowjob press blowjob button

  6. kurtsaidwhat says:

    This would be awesome, but the sounds are obviously fake! More LIES!

  7. StLouisEarl says:

    FINALLY!! A political ad that doesn’t bombard us with lies. ☺

  8. FnjordKnot says:


  9. danierusan111 says:

    I’ll give you a nice view instead of exposing the determination of my party to deny basic human rights to everyone except white males

  10. jrenae75 says:

    I’m left-leaning and I hate when anyone turns things into negative when they’re not there. I’m with you there.

  11. jrenae75 says:

    I don’t care if he’s a Repub or Democrat. He’d have my vote on that ad alone.

  12. illdelphia88 says:

    I’d vote for him

  13. hotdogman67 says:

    Lol. I know right! They’re the kind of people who would call a cute video of puppies playing ‘animal abuse’ if it was made by a right-winger. XD

  14. ckduck26 says:

    I love that beach!

  15. SuperWhiteboy09 says:

    I went there on my vacation it’s was beautiful there

  16. SuperCarlyxox says:

    The ad was nice portrayed is clearly. well done

  17. OjeyonO says:

    it was ruined by the approval at the beginning with the musical background - couldn’t they take the time to announce the approval in a quieter manner – that didn’t jar with the message

  18. franknight says:

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  19. lesterhalfjr says:

    the exact opposite of Warren’s ads

  20. Opal M says:

    Oh I dunno…. I really liked Samuel Jackson’s “Wake the fuck up” x)

  21. cubanboo17 says:

    This ad is pretty awesome but I hate how the comment section is being spammed by stupid ads for shitty websites. You can’t categorize every god damn video in the world as funny and ironical. Do they post these on Hurricane Sandy videos?

  22. DGF2099 says:

    This is the BEST campaign ad, Republican or Democrat, ever!

  23. liberalmann says:

    Oh snap! You sure told me! Lol!

  24. MegaMe9876 says:

    Now why won’t Hulu show me this ad incessantly instead of the attack ad against John Tierney?

  25. JaesonSS says:

    What a tool


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