The First Lady Receives the 2012 White House Christmas Tree – Politics Informer Video

The First Lady is presented with the White House Christmas Tree, which will be displayed in the Blue Room of the White House. November 23, 2012.
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13 Responses to “The First Lady Receives the 2012 White House Christmas Tree – Politics Informer Video”

  1. forgiven3303 says:

    Hold on a second!!!! muslims celebrate Christmas?????

  2. forgiven3303 says:

    Do they celebrate Christmas in Kenya? After all thats where he was born. Wouldn’t want to offend the tribe!! Just saying.

  3. forgiven3303 says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!!! I didn’t think muslims celebrated Christmas????

  4. forgiven3303 says:

    Your christmas tree is here first Muslim, I mean first lady. Now bend over and I’ll show you where you can shove it!! Balls and all

  5. forgiven3303 says:

    More like meet the first Muslim!!! hahahahahah

  6. memama2 says:

    Another video Obama hates outing his eco-lies, on YouTube = Obama, Joel Rogers & Van Jones in Collusion, Knowledge of The Lie

  7. memama2 says:

    Mrs. Obama is really thinking = “can’t wait till Jamie Foxx gets here so we can laugh about this “tree” being for Christmas, can’t wait to get it inside and cover it with big shee-lacked MAO ornaments .. oh, and then take off for another 14 million dollar 3 week Hawaiian commie commrade vacation while the rest of the Nation is lectured not to go to “vegas” and cut back on their spending! Boy barry sure told em hehehe”. “$o now there is MORE FOR ME”…!!!!!!

  8. Randy Wang says:

    poor Spelling too

  9. Randy Wang says:

    CONT —“MEDICINE” to your “Partner” (cough ) to… it wont kill him or nothing..Go! Go … let’s see.!!

  10. Randy Wang says:

    Hi memoma, I hadn’t heard anything from you ! Glad I’ve found you again !!.. I heard your pet shitted on you!!!… well, that’s dreadful!!…let me tell you how to kill your “Pet” the one that dress’s like Richard Simmons.. oK!! . KILL IT !!!.. Go to the INTERNET!!!… ORDER-UP SOMETHING CALLED, CYANIDE !!!..IT’S REAL-CHEAP!!!… put about 1 tea-spoon in , it’s, BTW is your “Pet” Gay?… is it male or Cunt?…ok ok… Pet Bowl… umm give just a little, very tiny portion of that cyanide .CONT

  11. RadarGuidedVermin says:

    HORSE: “I can’t believe I have to schlep a Christmas tree for the biggest asshole President in American history.”

  12. abiola321able says:

    Poor hosey

  13. Greg Jalbert says:

    US criminal military mayhem is a pathological role model for worldwide criminal military mayhem. Won’t some other countries do the same? At least 178 children killed by criminal US drone operators. — DefundWar . org — WarCosts . com — WarCriminalsWatch . org — WorldCantWait . net — UnitedForPeace . org — End resource wars : Boycott oil / automobile / asphalt / concrete industries. Expel polluter mafia from government. — CarFree . com — Climate crisis far more dangerous.


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