Romney’s Complete Concession Speech: Romney’s Loses the 2012 Election – Politics Informer Video

Romney’s Complete 2012 Presidential Concession Speech.

21 Responses to “Romney’s Complete Concession Speech: Romney’s Loses the 2012 Election – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Sid Malviya says:

    He tried

  2. corinnabower says:

    You forgot the Koch Brothers. Biggest players in the game and the inventors/financiers of the Tea Baggers!

  3. corinnabower says:

    HEY GUYS, i’m gonna put something out there we can all agree on. The Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of douchebags! Nothing like a common enemy to unite people. I mean everyone hates them, right? Liberals cause they hate gays, conservatives cause they hate America. And everyone because they picket funerals of soldiers. They’re doing us a favor, bringing the two sides together. lol

  4. corinnabower says:

    if i hadn’t talked to you i probably wouldn’t have found that info. Ironically, I’m arguing in favor of minimal restrictions (if you’ve ever been in debate club, you know all about presenting for the other side). coincidentally, my group leader brought up that guy in china. he stabbed 20 people, killed 4. you sound like a smart guy. important to remember the other side aren’t all idiots. If congress could remember that, we’d be better off.

  5. danny mathey says:

    Come on….say something!…..without useing fox news quotes.I dare you!…

  6. danny mathey says:

    Im not black,,,,I voted Obama….and we WON!

  7. danny mathey says:

    so! no one with a brain would Vote for either candidate…..Yet you are so smart!.and have a brain? and voted third party…HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU.?..Voting and not winning makes you smart?….thats cool I will stay dumb and be happy with my Victory….bye!

  8. Paul Revere says:

    The people who have no idea whats going on are choosing between two people who work for special interests. Im trying to point out that the 2 party system is b.s. People actually waste time arguing over which party is right while elites and corporations are laughing at us, while using their money to bribe both parties. Imagine how dumb we look to the elites when they use money to bribe both sides, and we’re to busy arguing over who is right.

  9. Paul Revere says:

    i voted third party. I don’t vote for “establishment” place presidents. You know it’s funny, that teh banks in our country looted our economy out of 16 trillion tax dollars and Obama let them avoid prosecution, while Romney was funded by those very banks as well during his campaign. Why would anyone with a brain vote for either candidate when they either support the banks or are backed by them?

  10. danny mathey says:

    Dude..if you are so smart and so informed….why did you vote so WRONG ?and loose…That makes you smart?…Damn dude you are making a fool of YOURSELF…..The World Loves a Winner…..and cant stand a losser….so maybe? ya might want to shut the F#%K up….Feel me?

  11. danny mathey says:

    do you have tea bags stappled to your little ladys hat you are wearing in that picture?

  12. 50crckt51 says:

    Could you have put yourself out there – exposed to people such as yourself? I doubt it!

  13. 50crckt51 says:

    I stand corrected, 5250 deaths on average in a country of 300,000,000 – Not to bad. I don’t like hearing of any deaths, but this world is never going to be paradise, and what percentage of those deaths were due to self defense – small but important. This indeed is a good preparation exercise. I hope that you do well, even if you are arguing opposed to my belief, or for!

  14. Paul Revere says:

    troll.. All you have is insults.. No intelligent conversation, facts, or any ideals to indicate you have a clue whats going on. Sheep like you are’nt aware of Bilderberg meetings, men like Henry Kissinger, Zbigwie Brewsinski, Maurice Strong or the Rockefellers. Trolls like you are too naive to see how elites and corporations run our country. You most likely have never heard of these men yet I’m the sheep. lol
    Good bye

  15. perfection202 says:

    Poor thing! (: ha so glad I voted for Obama.

  16. corinnabower says:

    between 2000 and 2008, firearm related deaths totaled over 86,000. or 66% of total homicides. ALL OTHER WEAPONS, including blunt instruments and stabbings, totalled almost 44,000, only 34 percent. (i’m studying the subject for a debate project, so this is actually good research for me. This came from the census bureau, it’s highly reliable information.) so gun related homicide is more prevalent than any other kind in the U.S.

  17. corinnabower says:

    noone wants to abolish the 2nd amendment. nor punish responsible gun owners. All we want is responsible policy. I just don’t see what’s unreasonable about thorough background checks and regulation. we should be treating gun ownership as a responsibility and privilege,not something frivolous that anyone can do. Because guns ARE a responsibility,they can be dangerous and harmful in the wrong hands and our policy needs to reflect the seriousness of gun ownership.stabbings don’t lead to more deaths.

  18. sprtguyd338427 says:

    You responded to a post of mine, or are you too stupid and ignorant to remember that! I know who those people are, Im just not engaging your kind. It’s futile and disheartening that soulless zombie sheeple like you want to destroy America! Im just a little surprised that you can type, or do you have a speak and spell machine!

  19. Paul Revere says:

    You’re to uniformed and naive for my time. I bet you couldn’t even name the Fed Chairman. So as i said back to your ballgames and b.s.

  20. sprtguyd338427 says:

    Ah! Coming from a soulless zombie sheeple, I’ll take it as a compliment! Hmm. More smug condescending remarks, what a surprise… Yawn. You’re going to have to try harder than that, if you want to rattle me!

  21. 50crckt51 says:

    So the children being harmed is negated by circumstance of survival? OK Riigggghhht!


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