Top 100 – Things Nobody Says – Politics Informer Video

Top 100 Things No One Says by Scooter Magruder Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @ScooterMagruder | Youtube: Google+: Tumblr: Reddit Pinterest: Buy Shirts: | Subscribe: Top 100 Things Republicans and Democrats Say: Top 100 First World Problems: Top 100 Male Lies: Top 100 Worst Pick-Up Lines: Top 100 YouTube Comments: Top 100 Things Nobody Says Credit: Directed, Edited, Shot & Written by: Scooter Magruder Shot using: Canon 60D, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, Rode VideoMic, 1080p 24fps, Normal profile (no color grade) Artwork By: No Jugamos Juegos™. Throw me the alley™. I’m a grown man.™ All I do is win.™ Not About That Life.™ © 2012 Cameron Magruder All Rights Reserved.

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