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There is a controversy: Will Sandy help Romney or Obama in the presidential election? What most agree, however, is that Ohio is likely to favor Obama. See what the codes have to say in the same matrix that was used to analyse the 2012 presidential election. In the home page under “YouTube Videos of Note” you will find the right sequence in which you should watch the “Election 2012 videos”. Note that each video builds on the foundation established in the previous videos. You will also find references to other YouTube videos. At under “YouTube Videos of Note” you will find a list of all my videos and related articles.
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  1. TheSpielberger says:

    The quality for the 9/11 code results was so high and clearly unambiguous,the layperson could easily interpret.The 9/11 code results were so thorough,with so many fine details,with characters/letters spaced so tightly together as to literally draw a picture depicting what happened that day as well as the text message.

    Not all code search results are of the same quality,and can be easily misinterpreted..Just because God foresaw Romney [running] for [President] doesn’t mean he would be [elected].

  2. Gabby Wills says:

    ACORN the head of largest voter fraud is in NYC and is working under many names now. OWS is in the same building with the same people and even using ACORN’s stationary. Maybe this is where God will reveal Obama’s fraud.

  3. asksharron says:

    Moshe thank you for your response to our questions. Peace be to you!

  4. Moshe Shak says:

    Beside my video “Post Election Answers” I uploaded a draft copy of the video:
    “Post Election A n a l y s i s” It is an unlisted video until the editing is done. To find it look at the video Post Election Answers under the LIKE icon, and click on “show more” where it describes the video.

  5. tania bowman says:

    Yes I agree, mass voter fraud but it has been done before, so…….just watched a video on You Tube about a man who rigged voting machines in Ohio, not sure if he did it in this election though as it wasn’t decisive about that. Still it makes me sick and not many people are aware of this fraud and DON’T GIVE A CARE!

  6. nonentity2012 says:


  7. nonentity2012 says:

    I have this vague feeling also, that voter fraud might be discovered or uncovered….It would have to be massive voter fraud to change the results of this election….but I would not put it past the Obama people to carry out massive fraud..

  8. tania bowman says:

    Moshe, Do the Bible Codes mention Obama being impeached? The news shows reveal that it was an excessive group of Latino voters who brought Romney down. Is true, how many of those Latino voters were legal voters? I imagine there was a lot of voter fraud there, can bet my life on it. They asked my husband who is in awheelchair for driver’s license even though he was typed in on the registrar’s page. They never asked me and my friend for our driver’s license so maybe they didn’t check all Latino

  9. Chaldean442 says:

    I have a feeling that there is deception also. The Democrats urged voting by absentee ballot, this avoids voter ID at the polling stations. It’s also known from previous elections that most voter fraud occur in blue states. We will see in the near future if anything develops.

  10. nonentity2012 says:

    I agree. I have exactly the same feelings you do on this. Some surprise, I feel , may be in store for us..

  11. Tzvia Goldman says:

    Thanks so much for all the work you do. I believe the codes were correct. My question is this: did man spit in God’s face using deception? I have this nudge that it’s not over yet; that something is coming and that God isn’t finished with what you’ve uncovered in the codes. There’s something wrong and that nudge just won’t go away.

  12. Angelastoojazzy says:

    Yes, I wonder what happened with the codes verses what actually transpired.

  13. nawluck says:

    With all respect, I am watching the campaigns and Romney has lost. ..Why was this bible code wrong?

  14. enonimus420 says:

    barack obama was just re-elected… explain that

  15. Moshe Shak says:

    I just posted a reply to another request where I show a code on riots… It is under this video replies.

  16. Moshe Shak says:

    There is a code that says: This (that) riots they will launch and praise.
    Hebrew: zeh mehumot hasheku vehalel.
    In all fairness I did not check out who will riot and who will praise… Or will it be the same crowed that will do both…

  17. crossedmymind2 says:

    The name Sandy means “defender of man”

  18. Tzvia1948 says:

    Now, that’s most interesting. It points to something other than what we think, doesn’t it? I mean, how did Sandy “defend mankind?” I don’t think we know yet, but God does. Katrina makes about as much sense, but it does point to the purification intentions of God regarding that part of the nation, which is so steeped in satanic garbage.

  19. Tzvia1948 says:

    New York may extend the election by three weeks. Anything on this?


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