President Obama “End Tax Cuts For Rich” – Politics Informer Video

In a recent speech from the White House President Barack Obama came out and said “let’s end the tax cuts for the rich.” Cenk Uygur discusses the speech and this new progressive turn the Democrats have taken this election. If you agree that we should tax the rich tell us in the comment section below. Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:
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24 Responses to “President Obama “End Tax Cuts For Rich” – Politics Informer Video”

  1. DillonDee1 says:

    Republicans are fighting for some who even made over $100,000.00 per hour.

    Excuse me…while I shed a tear for them.

  2. PseudoSarcasm says:

    I’m confused… the plan is to lower the tax for most people.. and leave the top 1% as is…
    How is that going to help with the dept?
    The most logical answer is.. crank up the richest people’s tax, lower the middle/lower class. Even if all that does is even out the playing field, it’s good enough for me.
    I know it must be hard to survive on $20,000 an hour, but still..

  3. megarational says:

    You’re pathetic.
    Instead of looking at the actual policies, you try to infer some meaning out of some phrases in a past book.

    You’re like the idiots that try to find evidence of satanic verses in rock songs played backwards.

    You’re not worth wasting any further time on.

    You’re like the Republican party – a cancer.

  4. qpwillie says:

    So you don’t believe what Obama wrote in his books? Well I have to agree with you that he lies about practically everything but I think he was accurate about those things.

  5. megarational says:

    Consign yourself to the right wing blogs & conspiracy theorists, where even an idiot like you might fit in.

  6. qpwillie says:

    If you didn’t know all those things before the middle of 2007, you have no business even discussing Obama, let alone voting for him. Read his own two books. That’s where most of what I mentioned is revealed.

  7. megarational says:

    examples please. specifics.
    Otherwise you are just doing what I predicted, parroting the bullshit propaganda ala Fox.

  8. qpwillie says:

    Son of a single mother, raised by grandparents, charismatic, highly educated….

    That would pretty much describe Ted Bundy also.

    He has made it quite clear what his beliefs are. He thinks the founders were wrong in not stating what the government CAN do. He doesn’t even know that the one and only purpose of the constitution is to state what the government CANNOT do.

    Obama is and believes exactly what he was trained to be from the day he was born right up to the present.

  9. megarational says:

    Here’s the answer, son of a single mother, raised by grandparents, applied himself, president of Harvard Law Review, and eventually president.

    More important than “where his beliefs come from” is “what his beliefs are”.

    His voting record & policies show that more than other politicians, demonstrate he is not an ideologue, but a pragmatist who listens to the views of others. His policies also show that he is, perhaps more than any other politician, fighting for the middle class.

  10. megarational says:

    Watching Fareed Zakaria “GPS” (Global Public Square) will give you a totally different experience from Fox shows.

    It might be hard for you to watch, however, since It makes you think, it doesn’t tell you what to think.

    It’s non-partisan. No one, even in the Republican Party or on Fox, has ever accused Fareed Zakaria of being partisan.

  11. qpwillie says:

    I picked a topic. I’ll name it “Who is Obama and where do his beliefs come from?”. I guess you don’t want to discuss it.

  12. megarational says:

    If you want to watch a thoughtful, intelligent, and non-partisan political talk show, watch Fareed Zakaria on CNN.

    A balance of views, no “shouting over each other”, lots of time for full answers, and expert guests.

    eg: Documentaries:
    – comparing hc systems around the world.
    – examining issues surrounding energy independence

    Presently, his program is featuring the actual people who actually made critical decisions which had a huge effect on America, eg
    – auto bailouts
    – going after Ben Laden

  13. megarational says:

    Anyone, regardless of ideological bent, can pay to put their site first.

  14. megarational says:

    No. I said “pick an issue”.

    Apparently you can’t even read one sentence correctly.

  15. qpwillie says:

    Yes, Google can and does control the positions of the links in their database. You can even pay them to put your site in the higher ranks.

  16. qpwillie says:

    I’m sorry. I thought you said it was facts you wanted to discuss. My mistake.

  17. megarational says:

    Well, you’ve given yourself an excuse for not researching anything, and avoiding the risk of being brainwashed by “leftist” propaganda.

    Best just to keep getting your info from Fox, and thus avoid any risk of brainwashing.

  18. megarational says:

    Right. Like Al Gore personally controls the billions of links on google.

    You idiots will believe anything, no matter how absolutely absurd.

  19. megarational says:

    Your comment is a perfect eg of how the right, being unable to defend it’s policies or rationally attack the Dem policies, instead try to demagog Obama as an individual.

  20. megarational says:

    Who give’s a shit.
    His voting record in congress, and his policies, are far better for American than the failed trickle down ideology & policies of the GOP>

  21. megarational says:

    Of course I watch Fox a lot. It’s were you first hear the spin, deception, lies & propaganda sound bites that it’s idiot fans then blanket YouTube with.
    Let’s give eg’s:
    – America doesn’t have a rev prob – it has a spending prob
    – It’s the rich’s money. They earned it.
    – I was never hired by a poor person.
    – The rich are the “job creators”.
    – the gov’t took in more rev after the Bush tax cuts..
    – “you just hate/are envious of the rich”
    – class warfare
    – Obama is a socialist
    – Dem’s =t big gov’t

  22. qpwillie says:

    Here’s a few facts for you.
    Obama was born to a far left activist mother and a foreign communist father. Spent his grade school years in a foreign country. Sent to live with his far left activist grandparents who had him mentored by a bona fide card carrying communist. Studied Saul Alinski in college. Joined a group at Oxidental who believed the Soviet Union was superior to the USA. Publicly vowed to “Fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

  23. qpwillie says:

    I’m sure you have more “Fox sound bites” than I do. You clearly listen to them a lot and I never do. I’ve heard all your so-called “facts”. I hear them as soon as MSNBC programs your tiny brain with them. Why should I waste my time with you?

  24. megarational says:

    Pick an issue.

    Then we’ll debate it.

    You with your Fox sound bites & spin, me with facts.


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