Tagg: Mitt Romney Didn’t Want to Be President – Politics Informer Video

–Tagg Romney indicates that Mitt Romney didn’t even want to run for President in 2012 in a bizarre interview. –On the Bonus Show: Court OK’s firing for attractiveness, 22000 applicants for 300 Delta jobs, FDA leans to approving GMO salmon, more… How do you get the Bonus Show? Become a member: www.davidpakman.com If you liked this clip of The David Pakman Show, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends… and hit that “like” button! www.davidpakman.com Become a Member www.davidpakman.com Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Us on Twitter: www.twitter.com Get TDPS Gear: www.davidpakman.com 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: www.youtube.com Broadcast on December 24, 2012
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15 Responses to “Tagg: Mitt Romney Didn’t Want to Be President – Politics Informer Video”

  1. purdudan says:

    Because your exquisite use of language totally implies to an excellent degree of intelligence.

  2. purdudan says:

    You speak as if you are an authority on such issues. Yet again, you are posting ad hominem attacks on youtube. Lol.

  3. MrWulfric1 says:

    You guys need to quit this crap….Your inmature little kids who ‘ACT” like you know what your saying…Start using your own brain, not following what the media does, but on your own intellect which you gather from reliable sources…Point, you sound like a puppet of the media, and are in line with a liberal agenda which is hurting this nation.

  4. rachelsOne says:

    You don’t know what I look like either. You and your dumb ass “I Win, You Lose” logic LMFAO

  5. rachelsOne says:

    Who do U think I am? I’m old enough to be ur parent but smart enough to have aborted you. This isn’t about  pple who disagree, it’s about backwater racist fucktard that can’t formulate an articulate argument that supports their position. Now go see your mom, you need to get laid, it’ll calm ur bitch punk ass down, motherfucker.

  6. ericadec3 says:

    ugly ass ho! and stop calling people who don’t agree with you names….u need to grown up ugly ho!

  7. ericadec3 says:

    sore fucking loser!!!!! and laid? wtf does that have to do with anything u right wing nut!! U need some dick in your life!!! you stupid litlle baby

  8. iHextic says:


  9. rachelsOne says:

    Yes, technically Sour Grapes is defined as engaging in something that you wish you had not. Most people believe that it’s envy, but considering how Obama kicked Romney’s arse, I bet he wished that he hadn’t run.

  10. rachelsOne says:

    I know right? Too Friggin’ funny thanks for asking.

  11. SDub817 says:

    I believe this is called sour grapes.

  12. Marco Uzumaki says:

    hahahahayou actually got it LOL perfect i din’t think someone would catch that lol

  13. Robert Christian Reynaldo says:

    @wjlheek Yeah man this website is just sending out 100% free White Apple iPads for today only. But you have to be living in the U.S though but it is all real, I claimed mine just before. Get in quick! bit.ly/Tn0zSd?=mvdwo

  14. xxdeathwormxxcp says:

    Romney was a turd

  15. Charly Delorbe says:

    Tagg needs his ass kicked!

    As a military vet, I’ll don my boots and do it myself “Gangnam Style”!



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