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Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, explains that recent marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington isn’t simple. The Federal response (or lack thereof) will determine how the policy is actualized. Transcript– With the victories for the marijuana legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington on Election Day 2012, it really presents the White House and the Attorney General with a dilemma. Because on the one hand they and their law enforcement officials — federal law enforcement officials, you know, can point out and have repeatedly said it’s all illegal under federal law. Regardless of what the states do, it’s still illegal under federal law to possess, buy, use, sell, grow — all illegal. That’s it. But as we saw with medical marijuana, which began to be legalized back in the mid 90s and is now legal in 18 states and Washington DC, it’s not so simple. And what we see is that the federal government has allowed various states to set up their own systems to regulate medical marijuana. Some places are interfering; some places they’re letting it be. You know, what Obama said when he ran for president the first time and what he and the Justice Department made good on in the first year back in 2009 was to say that if medical marijuana producers, dispensaries are operating legally and transparently under state law, it will not be a federal law enforcement priority. So the federal policy has been very mixed with some of the federal US
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  1. Hemp is the same plant as marihuana = Cannabis Sativa.
    Hemp is industrial cannabis with high fiber value, while marihuana is usually what cannabis with high psychoactive value is called.

  2. this don’t end the drug war. I’m more concerned with all the violence, immigration and corruption brought about by the black markets. 50+ years of this nonsense is enough. We just want pies for a change. please step it up.

  3. I’ve seen scientifical articles on that subject
    cons vs pros, etc
    Marijuana IS safer that alcohol.

    Government is infamous for not researching, asking or listening to scientists for answers.

    Global warm up anyone ?

    Things they listen to is taboo and self-interests. “tough on drugs”

    I think they should make all drugs legal within reason like alcohol.
    That would solve a lot of problems.

    Police do arrest people for alcohol overuse.
    Systems already in place for overusers.

  4. Obama’s been way worse than even Bush so far on cracking down on Medical pot. The good thing is, CO & WA legalizing means that the Feds just have less overall power in this issue- they don’t have the resources to police everywhere and may just choose not to fight those battles.

  5. I think they’re just gonna go after land owners and distributors legally. They did absolutely the opposite of what they claimed to do in their first term (respecting state law) and raided people a lot.


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