Teacher to Students: Democrats Don’t Go To Heaven – Politics Informer Video

“The mother of a Laurel County high school student has filed a complaint against a teacher who wrote “You can’t be a Democrat & go to heaven” on her classroom whiteboard. The teacher, Kendra Baker, wrote the statement denigrating Democrats in her room at South Laurel High School the week after the Nov. 6 election, said Mary Gilbert. Gilbert’s daughter, Chelsea, 17, was in Baker’s psychology class. “I feel like she was bullied by a teacher,” Gilbert said of her daughter. Gilbert said she filed a complaint against Baker with the state Education Professional Standards Board, which issues credentials to teachers.”* Conservative school teacher Kendra Baker wrote, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to heaven,” on her class whiteboard in rebuttal to one of her high school students. Can even a popular teacher in a conservative area get away with this? How is the teacher privy to such incredible information? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down. *Read more from Bill Estep/ Lexington Herald Ledger via Kentucky.com: www.kentucky.com Support The Young Turks by Subscribing bit.ly Support The Young Turks by Shopping bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: www.fb.com Follow Us on Twitter: bit.ly Buy TYT Merch: theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com

14 Responses to “Teacher to Students: Democrats Don’t Go To Heaven – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Blackspidy619 says:

    everyone, its no big deal, democrats do this all the time too!
    except they DONT
    thank you random teacher for being crazy and pushing young children away from the republicans.

  2. amptoys says:

    All of you peeps are repeating history. hahahahaha. You sound like the Romans. Laugh it up ppl.

  3. gamesmaster35 says:

    But their are two parts to a marriage and really the issue of gay rights only deals with one of them.There is a religious connotation that you’re alluding to but there is also the recognition of that union by the state.Now while I agree with you on the religious ground from the state point of view religion should not enter into the equation.If your only argument for denying gay marriage is a religious one then I would have to say that doesn’t fly for the state and the state should recognize it.

  4. mrbengal says:

    I’m not saying any of that, I am just saying the Bible does say homosexuality is a sin and wrong.
    I agree with the rest of what you say, I think we have individual rights that are all the same. Race, sexuality, etc. should not matter, we don’t derive rights from any of that. I think of marriage as a religious ceremony and therefor the state should not have anything to do with it. If a church wants to marry a gay couple they can, if they don’t, they shouldn’t have to.

  5. CJ Manning says:

    I’m not above admitting I was wrong… but then in that case we’re saying we’re saying that because these people sin as apart of who they are (you know, like we all do since christianity readily teaches us we’re all born sinners) they don’t get to have the same rights, the same benefits, and they deserve to be discriminated against and targeted? Weird, considering most politicians lie, commit adultry, envy, and more yet they get to keep their rights… as do you and I when we habitually sin. BS

  6. SuperCooldude2012 says:

    why are we even discussing religion in a classroom?? Save all that stuff for you Sunday sermon, not public education.

  7. Joe Kelner says:

    but im not the only one!

  8. Fender178 says:

    That teacher is a dumbass plain and simple. She could have gotten in trouble if enough people complained but very few people were offended. If Jesus heard this he would be like are you stupid? and He would laugh at this teacher for being stupid.

  9. Rena Herbert says:

    There is no heaven or hell. No one knows where theyare going when they die…I guess people are dreamers…..

  10. Rena Herbert says:

    My white board: LET REASON PREVAIL….. Let common sense and logic rule over imaginary “beings”….

  11. diadora74 says:

    That’s what Jesus would say.

  12. diadora74 says:

    I think I leave it at that for the world to see. Good job embarrassing yourself. Behold world ^^^ this is the essence of the Republican party.

  13. janehylton100 says:

    i,m not about to read your rude ass shit, i dont want to hear from you again. ok yes i hate all blacks you wanted it you got it, there i said it. nigger damn rude ass son of a bitch..your the damn liar he is a muslim saME AS YOU

  14. diadora74 says:

    I know several Muslims who can spell and use the rules of English grammar with FAR greater proficiency than you. I don’t know why your fear of Muslims comes before your fear of literacy or for that matter, logical reasoning. Your having heard a preacher say there would be a Muslim in office at some point does not in any way shape or form prove that Obama is a Muslim. Nothing proves that he’s a Muslim. And do you know why? Because he’s not a Muslim, he’s just black.


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