Speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (2006) p2 – Politics Informer Video

Stephen Colbert – Speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2006.
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23 Responses to “Speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (2006) p2 – Politics Informer Video”

  1. ComfortablyMuffin says:

    What else would explain why the ocean is so salty?

  2. Mad Dorian says:

    He has some guts

  3. pohillsf says:

    um, pwned

  4. Jefferson Lujin says:

    scares me everytime I watch it…

  5. JusticeWar says:


  6. 1985Siouxsie says:

    Soooo true. Sooo good.

  7. JawzPause says:

    Holy shit this guy has balls, I applaud you Stephen.

  8. WeBsoG says:

    actually, the sun is gradually getting cooler on an infinitesimal level.

  9. America Yen says:

    thank you kind sir

  10. Ron Burgundy says:

    Aha.. nice insult.

  11. twan domnat says:

    you don’t get it. Colbert is not trying to make them laugh, he’s making them uncomfortable via satire, right in front of them.

  12. crazymanwhois says:

    100 people don’t understand comedy.

  13. TheUnbeholden says:

    the real problem though is that there really isn’t anything we do about it. Republicans are much worse for pretending its not happening, but its kind of useless for Democrats to be trying to ‘fix global warming’ when you can’t fix it because its not man made. The sun is getting hotter.

  14. Ebrainiac1 says:

    This is the only recorded instance of assrape occurring at a distance of 10 feet.

  15. SuchAnHero says:

    I’m surprised he can stand with such gigantic titanium balls.

  16. 11CarpeDiem says:

    “the chocolate city with a marshmallow center and crust of corruption” lmaaooo wow! Someone give this guy a medal. He tore them a new one and they didnt even know it.

  17. 2002kind says:

    6:44 is amazingly true, and takes someone with whale-sized balls to say. :D Thank you Stephen Colbert.

  18. YepThatTell says:

    It’s incredible satire, perfectly delivered…and honest to boot…a modern classic. Must see.

  19. America Yen says:

    look at that lazy slouching idiot bush

  20. foxconn2012 says:

    When I am looking at this, I am starting to think that Stephen Colbert is quite an accomplished asshole. :]

  21. ramon deathisbeautiful says:

    paradise or oblivion.com

  22. Rulictar says:

    Stephen Colbert for president!

  23. bluelightsaberondesk says:

    Bush’s face is priceless.


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