Raw: Gun Control Demonstration Near White House – Politics Informer Video

In the wake of a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that left 26 dead, including 20 children, gun control advocates gathered near the White House in Washington. (Dec. 14)

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  1. Rob187ok says:

    One in Spirit only through Son of the Father. Spiritual deception uses many levels.

  2. Rob187ok says:

    Get educated. Gun crime, all guns and killers will just go away with the passing of a law.

  3. Noah Neo says:

    Americans: Getting rid of the 2nd Amendment (Right to bear arms) to the very people that caused 9/11, print fiat money from the Corporate Federal Bank, brainwashed unwitting US civilians (MK-Ultra), spread germs to unwitting US civilians (microbes and mock in SF), smuggled firearms to Mexican drug cartels (Operation Fast and Furious), etc, is exactly what they want. Check YOUTUBE: INNOCENTS BETRAYED – The TRUE story of GUN CONTROL WORLDWIDE -Share it if you believe it-

  4. Mcteabag king says:

    whn u ban guns, the only ppl tht will have thm will be the bad guys, yes ban guns so whn a rober breaks in ur house and shoots u as u grab a knife thn the police comes 30 mins later couse of a compliant tht thy heard shoots, in the great words of my grand pa, it is better to have one and not need it thn need one and not have it, its not the guns tht kill ppl its the person tht pulls the triger, wht next a ban on all sharp objects, i think ur jst being sheep and following this fear trend,wake up

  5. ohio2aas says:

    Too bad nobody protested after Operation Fast and Furious ……..

  6. SymphonyStainedRed says:

    No but I am saying this.

    Gun bans will bring down gun crime and violent crime down in general. The whole argument against that because “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” means that there is something fundamentally wrong with society. So if gun advocates are going to use this line of argument they MUST present an alternative! I have never heard a gun advocate present a possible solution to “people kill people” other than “family support, or love and peace yo <3″

  7. Rudy Alpha says:

    What amazes the World most is this strange and morbid passion for guns the Americans have. They treat weapons as ordinary goods when they are not. With a few exceptions guns are designed to kill. The entire World must seek a colective desarmament. No authorities neither gun manufacturers garantee people will escape from death in a situation if they have guns. Guns are by far the greatest symbol and reason for violence. The World supports Mr. Morgan. Regards from Brazil.

  8. Immortalkalashnikov says:

    God these fucking sheep piss me off. They are not trying to disarm us to protect you! You fucking idiots, they are doing this to have full control over the population. Wake up you fucking idiots! Do you not see what is happening?! You honestly think a government who actively bombs villages EVERYDAY gives a shit about protecting you? THEY DON’T CARE!

  9. leojdroffaws3 says:

    hundreeds show up to protest aginst guns while thousands crowd gun shops for thier last chance to protect them selves

  10. 7IGHTANG3L says:

    Alex Jones / David Icke / Alex Collier = Truth

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura / Jesse Ventura 2016

    Flu Shots/Vaccines / Aspartame / Fluoride / MSG / GMO foods = Poison

    Tyberonn – Atlantis / Superstorms / Global Warming @ Spirit Library . com

    Astral Projection/Out-Of-Body-Experience is Real

    the Illuminati/NWO will be Defeated!

    We are all One. We must raise our vibration. Visualize Earth and all of its inhabitants filled with and surrounded by Love and Light.

  11. wv9mm says:

    so your saying for some one to go kill themselves that mite be as bad as the Newtown shooter see liberals like you are evil THINGS witch need to go back to your homebase of California “you can blame a inanimate object for a crime or death”

  12. wv9mm says:

    so your saying for some one to go kill themselves that mite be as bad as the Newtown shooter see liberals like you are evil THINGS witch need to go back to your homebase of California “you can blame a inanimate object for a crime or death”

  13. lifter104 says:

    More gun laws won’t do anything do you think that a criminal follows the law he will get a gun no matter what. all it does is take the guns away from the good guys.

  14. PanzerBlitz43 says:

    The problem is guns because psychos like americans (btw no different that an a bunch of other psycho countries who don’t have access to them) can’t be trusted with guns

  15. Justin Lee says:

    So what if Switzerland is a socialist country? I couldn’t care less. I wouldn’t care if Communist China exemplified how guns are not the part of the problem. Isn’t that what gun control advocates believe? That it is the guns, not the people, that are the source of the problems? That if we get rid of some of the guns (implying that would even work) our country would be a safer place? Are you implying that if America was a socialist country, Adam Lanza wouldn’t have killed the children he did?

  16. Justin Lee says:

    Thank you for proving you have never read or even have a slight understanding of our Constitution. 78 out of the 80 people that die from guns everyday in America are felons that get shot in drug deals, gang shootings, etc. Take those out of the equation and America is one of the safest nations in the world. Not all of us live in Compton or Chicago (places with very strict gun control laws btw).

    Also thank you for also proving that you have no knowledge on guns whatsoever.

  17. Sherif Kanafani says:

    its truth

  18. Raptorr8 says:

    This pinko commie needs to shut up

  19. LXXIII says:

    It’s true though. Do you really think a gun ban would have stopped him? More ways to skin a cat. If you you’re really interested in stopping this kind of thing, you’d consider arming teachers with guns.

  20. 261dandan says:

    @filipinowhiteboy cops wont always be there…sence the cops have guns why didnt they stop the elementry school shooting? if the teachers were armed than if would have been over before it even started.

  21. K663wup says:

    Stupid people. Do some more research then if you have a hint of intelligence start your foreign p.o.s. car and drive home. Now wash the dishes and vacuum your filthy floor. Take you bedding to your neighbors and wash it. Shut of your kids t.v. and have them start a conversation about their day. Go do something worth a damn.


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