Third Presidential Debate Songified – “Yes We Chant” – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video

The Gregory Brothers present a musical mash-up video of the final presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Read full article: Check out the more songified debates:
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18 Responses to “Third Presidential Debate Songified – “Yes We Chant” – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Jack Steve says:


  2. 55Idareyou says:

    13 people forgot the accent on the YO!

  3. Piratica22 says:

    HA! He won :)

  4. Anao344 says:


  5. TehFlush says:

    This is why the NYT are still awesome. They have 3 minutes to fuckin’ laugh.

  6. rlybrz says:


  7. Mateus Castro says:

    roseanne barr and jill stein are both jewish barrack and romney are funded by the big banks which are jewish thomas is for christianity exposingchristianity[dot]com 666blacksun[dot]com gary is for legalizing marijuana teenwitch[dot]com/religiousfre­edom/bloodlibel.html 666blacksun[dot]com joyofsatan[dot]com Hail Satan Beelzebub Astaroth Azazel

  8. pasfar0411 says:


  9. TheNeoronin says:

    I didnt know the times was so gangster

  10. GeneralHoohah says:

    No you idiot, they posted it on their youtube account. That’s why everyone is so surprised. Go sit in the corner.

  11. GeneralHoohah says:

    WTF New York Times?! LAWLz

  12. mddanial100 says:

    Schmoyo is the Gregory brothers

  13. Rebecca Kavalauskas says:

    Weirdest song ever. Sincerely, I’ve had to listen to it at least 4 times at school

  14. Karissa Friesen says:


  15. KelEl63 says:

    These are the Gregory brothers? This was made by Schmoyoho

  16. michaelsteeples9 says:

    Better than half these horrible rappers and singers out i love creativity i really love this

  17. michaelsteeples9 says:

    Bad ass love it

  18. mddanial100 says:

    People really think that The New York Times did this?


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