Leaked: Republicans Scared of Occupy Wall Street – Politics Informer Video

At this year’s Republican Governors Association meeting Frank Luntz, Republican strategist gave a presentation about Occupy Wall Street’s effect on the American public. Cenk Uygur discusses this amazing story. news.yahoo.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

15 Responses to “Leaked: Republicans Scared of Occupy Wall Street – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Allthroughprisms says:

    From our end at bath ac uk enzymes inside farrow ball now!

  2. Skibum Willy says:

    In “Occupying Chairlifts” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded for cooperating and creating instead of competing and conquering.
    It’s something specific we can demand. If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. Are we really just this close to having it work right?
    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie! “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  3. bigraviolees says:

    Things that scare Republicans; tolerance, peace, love, meek inherting the earth, Rock and Roll, Richard simmons, same list as Satans only including spiders

  4. Ariza23 says:

    The blurb for this is kinda lame; I almost overlooked it. This is a bit better…
    At the 2011 Republican Governors convention, Frank Luntz, the Republican’s top strategist, tells State Republican Governors, “I’m so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death. … They’re having an impact on what the American People think of capitalism” [and rich people buying politicians]. This is Gold … they know they’re defeated. Cenk Uygur discusses this amazing story.

  5. Joe Citizen says:

    This is not news.

  6. Blades11c says:

    I like everything this guy says except when he talks about democrats being the solution. Republicans and Democrats are two cheeks of a single ass, they work together and have for years, possibly from the beginning. No one is going to change what is happening except for you and me.

  7. crimefightinghamster says:

    2:32 Nope…

  8. steelhorsestudio says:

    Money is the root of all evil. You can keep you false value system, we are going back to our true value system.. FEARLESS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love trumps money so game over we win. See you in the streets! Buy the way we know who you greedy bastards are and we are coming for you all!!

  9. Matthew Johnston says:

    PLEASE check out and/or subscribe to my Occupy music channel!! :)

  10. emotionalinvalid says:

    nice(not)hair piece Luntz, lol

  11. imreadyyo26 says:

    your so right. nobody will understand you though. its not about having incentives to gain money. that system only benefits some and not all.

  12. mrfrednoname says:

    Still unable to say who will do the employing if there is no profit. Why are you unable to answer a simple question like that? All you do is insult people and repeat slogans you don’t even understand. I asked you a simple question and you can’t even answer that. Fact is if we went by your system, it would fail in less than a year. Nobody is stopping you, go join a commune, they already exist. North Korea is one such commune. Go, enjoy yourself.

  13. the60sKid says:

    Still thinking in the stone age. It’s so hard for you to grasp the concept of those lights in the sky. As long as money rules everything we do. We will never evolve beyond it.300 years from now…with any luck we will have learned and you will look like something that fell out of a tree.

  14. the60sKid says:

    They are NOT coming from this country, that’s for sure.

  15. the60sKid says:

    The concept of money needs to be abolished. your still thinking like a capitalist caveman


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