Scarborough: Obama “Unable To Speak To Other Human Beings”

Joe Scarborough and the "Morning Joe" panel, including Andrea Mitchell, discuss why President Obama has a hard time talking with Republicans as well as members of his own party.

Scarborough: I don't think he's unwilling to negotiate, but Andrea — Bob Woodward's coming in later on. I thought Bob Woodward painted a devastating portrait of the White House's inability to negotiate with members of Congress. And we saw once again during this crisis, the president unable to speak to other human beings and having to call Joe Biden in and say, fix this for me. How many times has that happened? Where the president at the last minute pulls back and say, well. Once again, Joe Biden… I think they have Biden up at the Naval Observatory in glass and they have a hammer saying, "break in case of budgetary emergency." They always break the glass at the eleventh hour. Biden comes in and does it. Why is it so hard for the President of the United States to do that?

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