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Assassin’s Creed 3 “Boston Tea Party Trailer” 1080p HD The trailer starts all right, giving the conventional, sterilized and wholly-devoid-of-nuance recounting of the Boston Tea Party, neglecting such details as the historical fact that America’s noble white forefathers dressed up as Mohawk warriors during their raid on British tea supply ships. But it’s okay! Because then the trailer pulls back to suggest a real story of revolution– one in which our biracial protagonist Connor was actually behind everything, and he probably was a lot more handsome and athletic while doing it too. The trailer ends with an advertisement for exclusive unlockable content when you preorder the game with Gamestop Trailer explains: “In this Assassin’s Creed III Boston Tea Party Trailer, get a deeper understanding of the event that started the revolution and the birth of a nation – the Boston Tea Party. “The year was 1773. The American colonies were under British rule and growing restless of the empire’s enforced laws and taxes. “In an act of solidarity, the American colonists took a final stand and in one of the most famous moments in history, destroyed British imports, boycotting their taxes and halting their tyrannical momentum.” Ubisoft has confirmed an Assassin’s Creed 3 release date of October 31 on PS3 and Xbox 360, with an Assassin’s Creed 3 PC release date to follow on November 23. A Wii U version will be available at the console’s launch. Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WII U & PC
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  1. its called being 14 idiot and history has nothing to do with having a life so maybe u should get 1 instead on commenting on a 2 month old reply

  2. “whipe out”


    “fight and equal enemy”

    My good sir! I thought you invented the English language! What are these errors I see?

    Oh yes, we do indeed love war and destruction. But the key fact you forget is that we never do it unless our (or allies’) national security is at stake. Britain has a history of going to war for pure economic or political gain.

    So if a nation goes to war 20 times because it is attacked, it is less moral than a nation that goes to war 1 time for selfish gain?

  3. “the poor, filthy disgusting Europeans”

    Yeah, we sure were. And we came up from nothing into a more prosperous nation than it ever would have been under Britain.

    And as I recall, the rich Europeans interbred to keep their wealth within the family. You call us disgusting?

    You invented the English language? Oh goodness, I meet the man at last! 😛

  4. Also britain never once tried to whipe out a whole race, were never as hatefull with racism and descrimination as Americans, never keen on mutilation, slavery and lynching as Americans. We generally advanced are colonies more so then he french, spanish or portuguse look at the examples today. Oh and i do recall the US joining britain in fighting the opium war, you’re country just loves war and destruction and never has the balls to fight and equal enemy which is quite disgraceful

  5. Lets not talk about african considering we were the ones who first stopped slavery, and you continued to do it what about 100 years after, or how about what you did to liberia or in fact lets talk about the middle east in general.

  6. continued…forced them to buy opium from you which got from India (another country you forcefully subjugated). oh yea and lets not forget about South Africa and the diamond mining.

  7. I’m not disputing your input regarding the build up of the United States, however, take a moment to think about all the wonderful things your British Empire did in the name of never having the sun set on you. Take the Chinese for instance (yes the poor poor Chinese) you Brits wanted to trade with them, a novel concept and perfectly rational. They didn’t want anything from you, again…rational. So you put took your ships with your guns and turned their whole country into drug addicts and …

  8. Actually just educating you foolish Americans on what your people were really descended from, by the way your comment has nothing to do with the video so stop being a foolish hypocrite, if you even know what that means.

  9. They had slaves yes, but they didnt wipe out a nation, sure pure oppressive brutality, but they didnt do as much harm to the natives as USA did. We also were the 1st to abolish slavery and were no where near as harsh or violent e.g lynching

  10. you know when it gets to the part when i have to throw tea in the sea…
    you know what i don’t even want to think about it
    lets just say i wont complete this game.


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