Rep. Camp Gives GOP Weekly Address: When You’re Maxed Out, “The Spending Must Stop”

GOP: Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) delivered this week's address, discussing the House's recent action to permanently extend current tax rates for 98% of Americans. It's now House Republicans' focus in the 113th Congress to cut out-of-control spending to reduce our crippling debt, and reform our tax code.

"That position is irresponsible and fails to acknowledge what every family in America already knows — when you have no more money in your account and you credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop," Camp said in the Republican weekly address.

"Let's face it: the IRS tax code is still a nightmare. It is too complex, too costly and too unfair. There is something fundamentally wrong when roughly 60 percent of hardworking taxpayers have to hire a professional just to do their taxes. You shouldn't need an army of lawyers and accountants to understand our tax code. We need a simpler, flatter, fairer tax code that's designed for taxpayers," Camp also said.

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