White House Blues on Feb 21, 2012 – Part 2 with All Star Finale & President Obama joins in! – Politics Informer Video

Part 2 of Red White & Blues – A White House Performance Snippets of performances from: Gary Clark Jr Keb’ Mo’ Susan Tedeschi Derek Trucks Warren Haynes Buddy Guy Jeff Beck Mick Jagger Finale of “White House All Stars” featuring President Barack Obama House band directed by Booker T Jones Check your local PBS listing for the entire program to be aired Feb 27, 2012 **NOTE**…. Any comments which are political in nature will be removed.

22 Responses to “White House Blues on Feb 21, 2012 – Part 2 with All Star Finale & President Obama joins in! – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Honeytrip420 says:

    :P dont quit your day job Obama :P haha your rad

  2. Mauro Racich says:

    Oh yeah!

  3. Ian Young says:

    Putting me in mind of Christohper from the Sopranos’s vist to Hollywood: “Hey Sir Kingsley”

  4. boganblues says:

    Three people stand out on that stage: Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes and Susan Tedeschi!

  5. kern39743 says:

    trucks,tedeschi and warren were my favorite performers of the night

  6. MsSab28 says:

    PBS is public broadcasting service.

  7. MsSab28 says:


  8. bobgifford says:

    clean boring performance for those white house stiffs- CIA had to approve those songs-

  9. Odin029 says:

    He’s not a guitar slinger, but for some reason Gary Clark puts me in the mind of Magic Sam. Next time get plays anywhere close I’m gonna have to go see him live.

  10. agenteayana says:

    Blues society will be proud of the performance for sure!

  11. Elfaih says:

    Tous les meilleurs sont là, une petite merveille, LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥

  12. gdhgeorge says:

    * What does the PBS logo stand for???
    – P residential
    - B lues
    – S ervice

  13. Leonard Hoffman says:

    Wherever music is played here and the hereafter, Mick will be the headliner 

  14. Philby62 says:

    Gary Clark jr, Keb Mo – fabulous. Would love to see the full songs.

  15. HugoBossUnzipped says:

    If you can’t appreciate this for the amazing talent and performances, then appreciate it for this fact: if mccain had won and the died, we’d be subjected to pres sarah failin bringing us an hr of (and it hurts me to say it because his father was brilliant) hank williams jr.
    For that alone you should give it a thumbs up.

  16. LionsVegas says:

    what’s a song at 3.48 pleaz :/

  17. MrSojourner9 says:

    Thanks, A real plus for the Pres, a man knows the blues

  18. Llou Johnson says:


  19. bran1226 says:

    don’t get your panties in a bunch, opinoin is when you said he did the blues for popularity, how do you know why he did the Blues? that’s opinion FOOL!

  20. INUAGAIN says:

    how do you know it’s opinion, brain…you don’t know me…you are a fool…I’mglad you love and are such a blues expert…conversation OVER

  21. bran1226 says:

    I love the Blues, and you are speaking on opinion and treating it as fact. mick wasn’t as good as the Blues masters, but you can’t say why he sang it. he loved the blues, and gave it a good effort. he and many rock bands exist because of the Blues, therefore all modern music is a form of the Blues.

  22. INUAGAIN says:

    not true, but he was not even close to the Blues Masters as any rock singer can be. Rock singers put on a show, blues is from the guts..pure soul. FYI, Warren Haynes & Susan Tedeschi are two of the few musicians who play both rock and blues and are excellent. Mick did blues for popularity, as usual great show, but without soul(good acting). Most blues musicians that are any good and still alive, are still playing mostly if not all blues…Mick was only average at best!


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