Assassins Creed 3 – Part 36 “Boston Tea Party!” (Let’s Play,Playthrough) – Politics Informer Video

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11 Responses to “Assassins Creed 3 – Part 36 “Boston Tea Party!” (Let’s Play,Playthrough) – Politics Informer Video”

  1. YourExalt says:

    Won’t lie, I watch your outro everytime.. I love it the dancing makes it so awsome ^_^!

  2. SirToasty69 says:

    You use the rope dart when you are on a wire or tree branch hanging over them. It also makes you feel so good! Haha

  3. TheShroomBros says:

    my right ear enjoyed this

  4. JMKBEAST20 says:

    the rope dart is mainly for when you are in a tree! its very satisfying actually

  5. GEARSTEARS says:

    Guys don’t worry about it

  6. BellBaller23 says:

    Goldy wondering when u going to hit up 2k13 again

  7. 9esemoah69 says:

    Some1 doesnt suck at the game anymore

  8. R0ck3rB0y13 says:

    2 english men dislike this

  9. renatogallifa says:

    1 dislike?


  10. rfly12321 says:

    whodafuq disliked?

  11. Magson Rodrigues says:

    2 like 1 deslike

    who is the bitch?:


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