Full Mitt Romney Fundraiser Video Part One (36:39) – Politics Informer Video

“I hope the person who has the video would put out the full material,” Romney told reporters. And we’re more than happy to oblige. This is part one. Click here for part two: www.youtube.com Click for the complete transcript, produced by Mother Jones, of the entire unedited Romney videos: www.motherjones.com

15 Responses to “Full Mitt Romney Fundraiser Video Part One (36:39) – Politics Informer Video”

  1. ArtificialGrassWhy says:

    jokes involving someone who made a song about the day after thursday

  2. phen375u says:

    I love watching this :)

  3. smallbusinesscreditx says:

    I want to see it again.

  4. MySocialMediaAgency says:


  5. richdadx says:

    Great video

  6. StellarBlue1 says:

    HOW WONDERFUL IT MUST BE, for those privileged few, to rub shoulders and wine and dine with people of extreme power and political advantage. To be so rich and to pay such paltry taxes, is disgusting. Actually, the top 5 percent need to be turned upside down and fleeced vigorously. The middle class has had it. And, even Rush Limburger cant persuade anyone anymore, that the Republicans are for the middle class. It is amazing how the Republican lapdogs will do ANYTHING for their rich masters.

  7. vibonacci says:

    Bush was worse in my humble opinion.

  8. fragrancereviews2 says:

    What does the Quran say about “woman, non muslims, lying, about how to spread Islam?” Provide the specific surahs and verses from the Quran, if you even know what those are. I highly doubt you even know what a Quran looks like.  Honestly, why do people like you even bother opening their mouths? For your information, the marines were formed during the American Revolutionary War.

  9. lSaif says:

    I guess Mittens here hasn’t seent his video –


    In which Netenyahua talks admits he has no intentions or desire for peace and he then brags about how easy it was to decieve the USA and change the entire Government of the USA to make it more pro-Israeli.

  10. TBird4490 says:

    We really dodged a bullet with this guy, eh people?

  11. Benjamin Filbert says:

    Whatever you say. Sure.

  12. wwhit2001 says:

    The USMC was founded to fight off the Muslims that where attacking our trade ships with no provocation. When the Muslims where asked why, they said it is their holy duty to attack all Non Muslims.

  13. wwhit2001 says:

    I’m the moron and you don’t know anything about the Koran or Muslim history. Makes sense to me.

  14. Benjamin Filbert says:

    And what the fuck does the USMC have to do with this conversation?!?!

  15. Benjamin Filbert says:

    No, trolling, which you are doing, is commenting on the same video with the same useless and unresearched opinion for the last two months. Trolling is putting labels on people you don’t know and accusing them of being, to your perception, evil types simply because they disagree with you. You’ve even bullshitted yourself into believing your own uneducated opinion, and dismiss people like me with one of several excuses so you don’t have to listen to reason. Please go fuck yourself, you moron.


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