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  1. so when the law prohibits a third party ballots access and a role in debates, what makes a dual-party state like america better than a single-party state like china?

  2. Reading the all comments was hilarious at first. But then, I realized how some people on this planet have sunk so low to become utterly pathetic, I question the future of humanity.

  3. yes I do buddy you can find me on facebook Names Andrew Harrison. Hope you had a great Christmas. also have you considered Aquaponics gardening?? looks pretty promising.

  4. God Bless America!

    I am writing to all Americans who care about their fate and future generations. The whole world hates you! Your government has a policy of expansion of the world — Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and others, now Syria. How long will you keep your government?

    I hope that you and another talk show on TV, will transfer the film and see how people live in the countries occupied by your government!­8

    Artem from Ukraine……

  5. That’s Very cool you just mentioned solar, I volunteer at a farm a couple times I week. The owner just set up a tilde generator (if that’s the correct term) that runs off the big river that feeds into the ocean. and is in the process of creating aqueducts that will supply water the the fields. The sprinkler system runs off of 2 of 3 solar arrays. So he’s getting close to being completely off grid there just having some trouble getting the ok to erect a wind turbine. Very cool stuff.

  6. Very cool. Wanted to buy some land with a creek to build a solar cabin. BC was my first choice just didn’t know if building inland or the islands. Trying to get away from large cities since Im from SoCal.

  7. Military Banks. and special intrest people.  all very true things only reason ron paul is viewed as smart and looked as a leader. But he isen’t hes not a leader all hes doing is promoteing ideas that will acually help us. A group of people who also view these ideas the same way need to become that leader. Cause paul wont do it.

  8. Alex Jones / David Icke / Alex Collier = Truth

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura / Jesse Ventura 2016

    Flu Shots/Vaccines / Aspartame / Fluoride / MSG / GMO foods = Poison

    Tyberonn – Atlantis / Superstorms / Dec. 21, 2012 @ Spirit Library . com

    Astral Projection/Out-Of-Body-Experience is Real

    the Illuminati/NWO will be Defeated!

    We are all one…Visualize what you desire with the intent for it to manifest (and the belief that it will manifest) and it will become a reality.


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